J.B. Webb — Stripers are the name of the game

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat

To all my readers: I know most of the time you like what I write since you tell me when we meet. This week’s article is not much on fishing.

This week has seen me diverting from fishing to driving Miss Susan. She had cataract surgery and wasn’t allowed to drive. For the last few days, we have ridden together. She and I have a slightly different idea of what driving is.

It got warm in her car a time or two as I held the wheel, so this week I haven’t had a chance to go fishing before this article was sent. Good news is she can see like she did when she was younger.

The morning bites are gone by the time we get home. The fishing bite gets tough after 10 or 11 a.m., so I don’t have an up to date hands on the bass fishing report. Fishing for a short time some days when I go down to check the trailers and entry box, I slip into the Fish Market where I keep a crappie rig.

Crappie have started moving shallow into boathouse brush but they are small for the most part. The big ones are coming if there is any water left in the lake. There is plenty of brush showing now that was underwater that should hold crappie. Others out there and in the right place are probably catching bass.

I write what I’m doing each week and it might not be the best way to catch fish but I haven’t been shut out of catching some nice fish along with a good collection of small bass in a while.

On the good side, instead of fishing in the middle of the day this week I’m gathering wood. I look for a cold winter and want to have plenty. To that effect, this week has seen me cut down three oaks, slice them up and bring home to be split.

Now I know I could pay and get wood delivered to me but I like cutting my own because I know what I’m getting and my money stays in my pocket. A plus side is this 77-year-old mule is keeping in good shape toting them tree chunks without having to go to a gym. Charlie Hill and I fish together because we both think alike when it comes to money.

Fishing now for stripers must be excellent. This past weekend our boat ramp in a day and a half saw at the least 120-plus — more like 150 clients — going out with guides from all over the lake. Our parking lot was solid cars Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday morning I counted 16 boats with 4-6 people in them going out.

If fishing wasn’t good all those people wouldn’t have been here. I don’t know where they were going but they all headed north after leaving our cove. It won’t be long before the gulls show up and fishing will get easier for everyone as they point out the fish.

There is an eagle in Little Mineral; I saw it from the bank Monday. I know from watching some guides had more shad than others and were sharing. I’m guessing your best bet would be live bait now. There are only a few guides on the lake who only fish artificials. John Blasingame of Adventure Texoma Outdoors, Jerry Dorsey of Cross Creek Guide Service and Doug Shaw come to mind.

In our cove Jacob Orr and Dan Barnett have a boathouse with three boats working out of it. Dan is a fly-fishing expert and guide if any of you fly-fishing people want to go out. There are a lot of other guides working out of marinas who will put you on fish. Get some friends together and hire one of them. It’s almost a 100percent guarantee that you will catch fish, get them cleaned and bagged and when you split up his payment among yourselves it’s easy on the pocket.

Last Friday I was right on another prediction. I said 40-17 in the Bells-Gunter game; it was 41 to 7, Gunter. I’ve not missed attending a game yet. This week I might not get a ticket as Leonard has a small stadium. Looking at the bottom of a beer bottle this fearless guesser says we have been playing a bunch of Cats. Once again two Tigers will have hair flying everywhere. When the cat litter settles Gunter wins another, 50-14.