J.B. Webb — Going forward to go backwards

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat

Now that’s a headline you don’t see very often. Let me explain what I’m talking about.

Sometime back early this year I upgraded to a Lowrance Elite 7 Hook. It would do more things than I needed to know. It had a good picture and pages but to get them to work required a lot of button pushing. Buttons and big fingers don’t go well together; this resulted in me wishing I had a hotline to Lowrance.

I could get places I didn’t need to be and not know how I got there. Well the old mule was unhappy and uncomfortable using this unit. The other thing was Lowrance and other players in the fish-finding business had units that made mine look like a Model T; but I’ve got shallow pockets.

Going forward at that time was a big step up for me. I got a good buy on the Elite 7. Installing it on the boat, all I wanted were six things: Lake view, Down Scan, Chart page, Compass and divided page showing two different things at the same time. I didn’t know about updates and needing a computer, or Smart Phone, to get updates which seem to come around about every day.

I was in a local store and saw a Garmin unit on sell. It had pictures and all I had to do was click on them and zip — I was where I wanted to be. I played with it for a while where it was on display and got to liking it a lot. I had one of those store promotions discount cards — if I spent over $300, I got $20 off.

The Garmin Striker Plus 7 was a $499 dollar rig but was on a close-out for $349. I wasn’t going to buy anything, just went in to look. I was looking at $329. I whipped out my billfold so fast my pocket was smoking. It and the coupon made me the proud owner of a new Garmin unit. I spent a full day taking out the old unit. I sweated like a work horse getting my old transducer cord out without pulling every wire in the boat loose.

I spent about an hour trying all I knew to get it loose after it got hung up. I tried everything I could think and wasn’t going to cut into my boat. There was no easy way to get it loose.

One thing I remembered was when something gets hung up, pull harder. I got it loose without tearing anything up, or so I thought. Proud of myself I got to the end and something looked different. Seems like I jerked the connector plug off the transducer cable. It’s still somewhere in the boat.

Then I headed for the lake to try it out. What a difference! The pictures were clear. I punched the trail button and I had a trail of wherever I went. I can make runs to my favorite fishing spots and save them. It was hard on the Lowrance as you had to go through a bunch of button-pushing. With these trails saved in the Garmin, I don’t have to wonder where I’m going in a thick fog, day or at night. It’s a lot more user-friendly. It doesn’t have a lot of stuff I would never use on it.

While I was out Monday, I had to go fishing for a while just to get a break. I spent about three hours between playing with my new sonar and fishing. I did catch two bass, just swimmers, fishing a Black Blue flake 4 inch YUM Dinger whacky style with a nail inside to help it fall.

The bite was slow and both fish came off brush in about three feet of water. I’m going to have a Lowrance Elite7Hook Sonar for sale pretty soon, it will work with any Lowrance 4- 5-inch transducer if you wanted to get a bigger screen.

It’s nice to have friends in high places. The Gunter-Bells football game Friday night is a sellout. I mean the tickets were gone in nothing flat. I got one of them. Both these teams have only lost one game. Another catfight this time. When the cat litter settles in the box, Tigers get them a Panther Skin. Gunter 34, Bells 14. Have only missed one so far this year.

Little Dixie Bass Club is fishing Lake Sardis this weekend from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., starting at the Sardis Ramp.