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J.B. Webb — Fishing trip leads to counting questions

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat

Monday morning Charlie and I had to go fishing: more him than me as I had been several times without him.

We were in his boat. I was in the back seat and left where to start up to him. He surprised me as we started on the rock point at the mouth of our cove. It wasn’t long before he put the first fish in the boat on his old Favorite Heddon Chugger.

I managed to get a swirl in the water just as we were moving. I never got a hook in my fish and several more casts went unanswered we moved on. We kept hitting rock points in the back of Little Mineral. I finally put a fish in the boat that smashed my Bandit crankbait. We moved on around the point and I got another fish on the Bandit. It got off before I could get it to the boat. I went to my Heddon Spit n Image.

I made a cast and was bringing it in when I had a fish on that got off, when I moved it again a splash, I set the hook and had two fish on at the same time. I got them in the boat. As the day continued, I missed several more or had them hooked before they got off. One of those that got off later took the dressed rear hook of my Spit n Image with it.

I was keeping count and telling Charlie how good it felt to be in the back of the boat. Finally, when I told him how many fish I had caught and he said I couldn’t count some of them.

That started our politicking. I said I had caught them. He said I didn’t. I told him they were on my line and I was bringing them to the boat when they got off. He said if I didn’t touch the fish, they didn’t count. I was like Perry Mason in court. My contention was a fish was considered caught when he was hooked. Charlie said if the fish wasn’t touched or landed, he wasn’t caught.

Between casts we discussed it some more. He had still only caught one fish and according to my reading of the fishing law book I had six. Deciding who was right went on as we fished. The wind was from the northeast and getting higher. We decided to try one more spot as we headed back. It was a bumpy ride over to the old boat ramp. Charlie was fighting the wind and trying to fish when I said get the net.

I had our biggest fish of the day. The fish and I were having an argument over who was winning. I couldn’t get it to come up and Charlie missed it the first time; he got it on the fish’s next run down the side of the boat. It was our big fish of the day. With his trolling motor losing the fight trying to hold in place in the rising wind, we decided to call it a day. At the ramp I said we had caught eight fish. He said only five. I argued that if I hooked them, they were caught. He and I were laughing all the time we were disagreeing.

While eight fish in five hours doesn’t sound like many somewhere, I had read the national average for each bass caught is one fish an hour. Who do you side with — him or me?

Well here is the next problem this COVID-19 has caused. Gunter is playing football and I haven’t missed a game. The days of walking up and getting a ticket is over. Our passes aren’t worth anything. They only allow a certain number of people in the stands. You must register online now and use your smart phone as your ticket. They only allow a certain number of people in the stadium.

This Friday’s game with Whitewright was sold out but I was able to get a ticket with the help of my friends. My phone is an old one and it and this old Mule don’t have any of this new stuff. The other thing that is taking the fun out of football is they don’t take cash anymore; plastic please. At the game last week in Prosper I wanted a candy bar. I had to use my debit card and got one Snickers bar. Susan saw the charge as she was going over our account, they had charged me $2.25.

This week’s game should see one heck of a cat fight; fur will be flying everywhere in Whitewright as there will be Tigers on both sides. Last week I missed my prediction by 3 points I had said 30-17; it was 30-14. This week there will be another tiger skin drying in the sun as Gunter stays No. 2 in the state rankings and rolls on with a 40-7 win.