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J.B. Webb — Perfect day to be on the lake

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat

With Labor Day long gone and me avoiding the lake on weekends and finishing up the cabinets, Tuesday morning I was going fishing.

My friend and fellow retired fireman Charlie had finally got his things mostly in order and was ready to go. We met at the ramp about 7 a.m. Putting his gear in my boat he backed me in. It was a perfect morning for fishing — light wind, cool temp and cloud cover. Boat traffic was nowhere to be seen we had the lake to ourselves.

I headed out to one of my starting spots. Dang if there wasn’t an old, retired guy sitting in his golf cart with two poles out. I moved on. At our next stop I got a spotted bass on my white Booyah Buzz bait. I threw it a little longer then went to my money bait a Heddon SpitN Image. I’ve caught so many fish on it — it looks like one of my chewed-up slippers when Ginger was a pup.

A few casts after I started throwing it, I got another fish, then I missed one. I only have two SpitN Images and being a nice guy, I gave one to Charlie to use. Heddon SpitN Images are hard to find around here. Even a friend who came out Wednesday to see how I was fishing the lure said he had gone to Bass Pro and they didn’t have any.

Charlie likes to fish an old Heddon Chugger but he said it works his wrist, so he tied on the SpitN Image I loaned him. I was still catching fish and missing fish; He didn’t get the hang of it for a little while but then began telling me how easy it was fishing that lure. He missed some strikes; I missed some too but I caught most of my hits. Twice the fish I missed were big fish but I don’t know what kind but they moved some water.

We fished on. Charlie went to his Chugger again and in a few casts, he had a bass in the boat. I never put my Image down. I had a lot of short striking fish and those I caught almost all had the lure outside their mouth. They were likely just hitting it to stun it. That might explain the swirls on our baits but no hookups. Suddenly I got a strike, hooked the fish he got off and before I could move my lure again, I had two more hooked on my lure at the same time.

Getting them in the boat I let Charlie take a picture. We were having a blast. While I was ahead in fish in the boat, Charlie was catching some also. We started working our way back to our ramp. Hitting one of our best spots we started working around it. I think Charlie caught one before me there. Finally laying down my SpitN Image, I picked up a Norman Lures Little N. I was winding it back and had almost got to the boat when I stopped for some reason and it had floated to the top, there was a big splash so close to the boat it might have got water on Charlie.

My rod was bent big-time, not for sure what kind of fish I had — I was thinking striper — all at once a big smallmouth came two feet out of the water and fell back, while he was in the air the sun hitting his golden scales and drops of water would have made a beautiful picture. It wasn’t giving up without a fight and Charlie will vouch for it I couldn’t get him to come in. It pulled like a tractor.

Holding the rod in one hand I used the other to get the net out of my storage box. I finally got the fish turned and swimming down the side Charlie netted him. For a three-pound fish he put up a heck of a fight. We caught three more fish in that spot and missed another big one. We stopped at one other place with no fish to show before going in and loading up. We fished two hours longer than we usually do. The perfect weather made it hard to leave the lake.

We didn’t keep count but guessing he and I agreed we got in the boat around 12 or 13 bass and a sandbass. We are already looking at what will be the best day next week for another trip. Who says retirement is boring?

After picking right last Friday on the football game, here is my prediction for this Friday night’s game. Another catfight with fur flying in Prosper. Gunter 30, Pilot Point 17.

Results from little Dixie Bass Clubs September Tournament: 14 boats fished; 33 fish were caught. Winning with five fish at 17.45 pounds and big bass, a 4.98-pounder, was Jon Clouse and Ed Larkin, second was Larry Wills and David Mitchell with five fish totaling 14.49 pounds, third was Brad Russell and Drew Smith with five going 13.15 pounds, fourth was Casey Osteen and Payton Stevens with five fish at 11.64 pounds and fifth was Rodney Buchanan and Jonathon Horn had five fish totaling 9.52 pounds.