J.B. Webb — The bass are winning hot summer fishing

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat

Fishing for bass now makes me feel like one of those old gold seekers looking for a nugget. I mean you have to dig them out. While you can catch a few most are small or just swimmers.

Now and then you might get a big fish but for the most part you are working for every fish you catch. My notes from past years isn’t working. I’m at a loss trying to figure out what’s wrong. Wednesday I left Little Mineral and put in at Highport. Everything looked good. I idled back to where I wanted to start. I was throwing an Excalibur Jimmy Topwater walking lure. I was walking it across the water, stopped and whomped some kind of mean looking insect off my arm, then when I started moving it again a three-pound bass was all over it.

Releasing it, I was looking forward to more, I never got another bite and I fished the bank a long way. Moving out to boathouses my records said had held fish this time of year. Lady Luck smiled on me. I rounded the end of a boathouse and fish were feeding on top about a long cast from where I was at. I got my Topwater in them and had a small bass almost as soon as it hit the water, four or five more casts got two more also small. Then as quick as they showed up, they were gone.

I tried several different baits but the fish were gone. I was moving down the back side of a boathouse when a friend of mine, known to about everyone who fishes from around here come down behind me. Jeff Foreman said he was fishing for crappie or bass but said he had also had a bad day. We talked for a while more than we fished, he left and I finally caught a keeper in another boathouse stall. This was followed by another small bass. Leaving Highport I ran to Tucker's Cove. I was fishing a White Buzz bait along the side of a slip and had another keeper slam it.

I tried a couple of more places in there with no bites. That was it for Tucker's. I was on the water again running to Mill Creek I fished a deep-water Crankbait spot where my notes said I had caught them in the past. Never caught anything but a rock or stick. I burned more gas as I headed for another spot that my notes said was supposed to be good. It was getting hot and I enjoyed the breeze. Another wasted run, no fish. It was almost 12 when I called it a day.

Susan needed to go to Hobby Lobby and I needed to get my Navy Cap finished with some more embroidery so it was a good time to go, she drove I just rode with an AC vent on me. Hobby Lobby looked like a meeting of Lone Ranger fans as all workers and most of the customers were wearing masks. It’s hot on the water or cutting trees for firewood.

Wear a big hat not a “Gimme” cap if on the water and energy drink, sunscreen and stay hydrated use common sense and don’t let the heat keep you from fishing or cutting Firewood, Winter is coming.

This Saturday sees Future Bass Fishing Tournament go out of Alberta Creek. I’ll have the results in next week’s article. Little Dixie Bass Club also has a July night tournament Saturday and Sunday going out of Catfish Bay.

If you are wondering what happened to Charlie, he said he was thinking we should wait till September and it cools down. Got to work on him. Wear your mask, and don’t believe what you might hear on TV.

Reports from guides and people fishing for stripers are all saying fishing is still red hot. They are hitting about anything you throw at them. Early morning and open water seem to be the best time and place. Catfish look to be good on Jug lines. I saw a man put three in the boat off separate jugs. Nothing about sand bass but I’m betting you can catch them also. I’m going to try a night fishing trip to beat a little of this heat. Day bass are slow so I’ll let you know how it is after dark next week.