Denison readies for 13th Annual Catfish Rodeo

Lynn Burkhead
Herald Democrat

One of the many frustrating aspects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is how it has upended long standing plans for events that many people look forward too.

One such event is the city of Denison’s annual Catfish Rodeo at the Waterloo Lake Park Pond. Scheduled to take place from 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 27, city officials say that the 13th annual event is still going forward as scheduled as of press time on Thursday.

Do be forewarned, however, that like most things during the coronavirus outbreak, that could be subject to change at the last moment depending on any late guidance issued by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott or health officials.

Barring such developments, the catfish rodeo is still a go according to Andrew Means, recreation manager for the Denison Parks and Recreation department.

The annual summertime fishing contest is open to all age groups with the cost for adults (17+ years of age) being $7 for Denison city residents and $10 for non-residents. For youth 16 years of age and under, the cost is $5 for Denison city residents and $7 for non-residents.

Means noted that due to COVID-19 social distancing health measures and the size of the park’s fishing pond, the number of anglers allowed will be limited due to the space available.

“Only 75 anglers will be allowed at the pond at any one time, due to the social distancing guidelines,” noted Means.

He did note that as anglers finish up at the park fishing pond and move away, other anglers will then be allowed to move up to the park pond and take their place as the annual whiskerfish derby takes place.

Means indicated that the first 30 registered participants will receive a free Catfish Rodeo cap and that there will be a variety of awards and door prizes given throughout the day. There is also a casting contest and food and drinks will be provided.

Those who participate in the annual catfish derby will have plenty of angling opportunity this year since several hundred pounds of whiskerfish were stocked into the pond a few days ago. Some of those fish were quite sizable, weighing several pounds.

Access to the pond has been restricted since then, so participants will have ample opportunity to fish for some hungry catfish on Saturday morning.

If you’re interested in participating in the 13th annual Denison Parks and Recreation Catfish Derby, please call 903-465-2720 during business hours today for more information. To register online, go to https://denison/