J.B. Webb — A tale of two trips

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat

First off, I want to apologize for not having a column last week. Me and computers don’t get along well. We got in an argument and the old mule lost. I’m not allowed to punch buttons on any of our modern stuff without letting Susan know. She says I have a mental block when it comes to the new things that come out.

This might be so but if the world goes to you know where an old mule who knows how to get by will be around. Whatever I did took her most of the afternoon to get things back to normal. To show you how much I know about computers, paste is something I used in grade school, tag is something that comes on clothes and a cloud is what rain comes out of.

I’m a redneck and can make most anything. It might not be pretty but it works. This is where Susan and I have our most serious talks; our ideas are often worlds apart. Now my luck in finding a woman who would put up with me and can fix computers was a blessing. Our computer is up and running and I’ve had several "don’t do this or that" talks from her.

Last Tuesday Charlie and I went on our weekly fishing trip. We started about 7 a.m. We started to catch fish. About an hour into our fishing trip, we had caught three and missed some more. I was in the back seat as usual when we are in Charlie’s boat. I was looking away when there was a big splash and Charlie jumped up and fell to his knees. I don’t think I have ever heard Charlie use a bad word but he bent one this time.

Seems like he had drawn back to make a long cast and caught one of his best rod and reels with the lure and threw it out of the boat. He was grabbing but you couldn’t see the rod for a few minutes. Then as he pulled up the rod, he was holding his lost rod was on the end of it. You had to see Charlie moving fast; he is usually passed up by turtles but he was a moving this time. I was sitting in the back laughing. We fished up until about 11 a,m, and called it a day as it was getting warm.

We caught 10 fish that morning, all black and small mouth bass. No stripers or drum. Charlie had our big bass — an almost three-pound fish. Our others ran from small to swimmers but they pulled. He caught his on a Heddon Chugger an old school bait, a Texas Rigged red worm and a Chatter Bait. I caught mine wacky rigging a YUM Dinger Weedless throwing into the outside buck brush. Letting it fall when it got to the bottom, I didn’t have to move it far before something would pick it up and start swimming off with it. Those were the baits working best for us but we did have some hits on other baits.

Tuesday of this week Charlie thought we should start a little earlier. Like be on the water at 5:30 a.m. Like a good partner I agreed, then realized that I would have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to have coffee and something to eat. Now I’m an avid fisherman, but I also enjoy lying in bed till at least 5 a.m. and generally not in a hurry. I took my boat this time and at 5:30 it was getting light. Launching I picked him up and just idled over to the rocky point of our cove. We started fishing.

Charlie’s black Chugger began working right off; I couldn’t buy a bite. Part of the reason was I was using a smaller bait Zara Spook and it wasn’t light enough to know where I was working it. It became brighter as the sun started to come up. Charlie had caught fish in the dark I didn’t. We moved on down the bank and all at once my cap was jerked off my head — I thought Charlie did it. He did but his back cast hooked my cap and jerked it off my head. Not long after he set the hook or was in a tree when the lure came out it was doing ninety when it passed between my belly and elbows.

Almost every stop saw us catch a fish. Most of them were small but all were bass. Fish began schooling on top. I grabbed a rod with a small white bait and finally caught a sand bass — at least it was a fish. There were small schools on top all over the back of Little Mineral. We fished down the bank until we got to a rocky point. I made a cast with the YUM Dinger and was working it over the bottom when the Wabash Cannon Ball hit it. I set the hook and after a good work out pulled a Drum to the boat.

Fishing died for us and it was getting warmer so we did a little running to a far spot enjoying the cool trip. Nothing was happening where we were so we decided to make one more stop, where I caught two fish and Charlie lost one. That has been a two-week report on Texoma. Even the fish market is slow for crappie.

The Future Bass Tournament was last Saturday and it showed there were still some big bass in the Lake. Don McFarlin and Jim Fennell won with five fish going 19.17 pounds. Sunday the JC Outdoors Tournament was won by Larry Bench and Ron Sauceman with 17.30 pounds and they also had big Bass, a 6.58-pounder. Remember the two S’s: summer and sun screen, and drink plenty of water. Long sleeve shirts are best but they are warm. Also wear a big brimmed hat that shades your ears and nose.