J.B. Webb — Where is the bass Topwater bite?

Staff Writer
Herald Democrat

That’s a question I have been asking myself.

Most of my trips have not attracted any Topwater black bass. Striper guides are killing them at dawn. Striper fishing is off the scale. Not so with black bass, at least for me and Charlie Hill.

As you know from past articles, when he and I get in the same boat something is going to go wrong. Bass catching is included.

Wednesday we met at our ramp as usual. We launched, he picked me up and off we went. Everything was going well for us that morning. We ran to the back of Little Mineral and started on a bank he and I had caught a load of bass off.

We worked it with Booyah Buzz baits, Rebel Pop R’s to no avail. I picked up a rod with a YUM Breaking Shad on a heavy hook. It had a slow fall. Coming over a rock point I made a cast and barley twitching it I worked it over the rocks.

I set the hook on a big fish. I’m sure it was a bass; we will never know as it came off before we could see it. Give Webb a boo-boo. I’m pretty through on having sharp hooks when I fish. Checking the hook, it was so dull I doubt it could have punctured cold ice cream.

After moving around and fishing some more spots with out so much as a bite, we moved out toward more open water. Fishing was still slow but we did get some bites. We aren’t sure what was biting but it at least it was alive. As we moved down the bank, Charlie threw up in a big tree that had fell in the water. As his Booyah Chatter Bait was running over the submerged limbs a nice largemouth hit it.

He got the fish in and I was proud of him considering all of the days we fished together without a bass. With new hope we moved on. After fishing for another 45 minutes or so with no more bites and being retired, it was getting warm so we decided to go in.

On the way back he stopped at a place we had caught some fish previously. As he fished the long rocky point with a Red Worm, I’m not sure what pedigree it was but it worked as he set the hook in an almost four-pound bass. He yelled to get the net and I looked like a hop-scotch champion as I tried to get to the net and not step on any of his rods.

He got the fish to the boat, I had the net in the water and was picking it up when the hook fell out of its mouth. He had got it in without the hook barb in the fish. He had two good bass; I had one on but the only thing I caught was the cushion I sat on as it blew out of the boat. I caught it on a Rebel Pop R as it was swimming away.

Fishing is fun if you aren’t too serious. Fishing can be work if you get serious. Either way, just go every chance you get.

The Little Dixie Bass Club is having its June tournament on Lake Bonham this weekend. I’ll get the results next week. Future Bass is also holding its tournament out of Alberta Creek this weekend.

With striper fishing as good as it is, finding a place to fish might be iffy. Guides using live bait are whacking the fish. The guides using lures are also catching them Topwater early from North Island to the Frisco Bridge and over toward the cross and Soldier Creek is where to start looking.