Bearcat Stadium undergoes some off-season changes

Jason Della Rosa
Herald Democrat
Sherman made some upgrades to Bearcat Stadium during the off-season in several places, including the home locker room, entrances and both sides of the press box.

While Sherman’s football season may have been delayed a bit, Bearcat Stadium got a little bit of a facelift this month that will be on display when the games get going in early October.

Signage has been added throughout the building — in the locker room, around the field and entrances and on both sides of the press box — to help provide more atmosphere for a location which is celebrating its 80th birthday this fall after the two-year project was completed in 1940 as part of the Works Projects Administration.

The cost of the branding was around $50,000 and came out of the 2019-20 athletic budget and was produced by FASTSIGNS, which is based in Sherman, and Sign Champ, which is located in Conroe.

“Really did a great job,” Sherman athletic director Bob Jones said. “You want it to retain its luster and history and you want to polish it up a little bit. Just try to bring it out a little bit.”

In addition to a fresh coat of paint, which removed the old logo and “Sherman Bearcats” from the lower wall of the home stands to prepare that spot for the new paw logo and “We Are Sherman Bearcats” that is the last piece to be added, the biggest changes come in lots of maroon.

Next to the entrance on the home side, the fence cover under the board of athletic accomplishments reads: “Tradition Starts Here” and is situated next to a “Welcome to Sherman Bearcat Stadium” banner.

The fence behind the south end zone, the visiting bench and along the west side are also wrapped in maroon and white.

All of the light poles, whether in front of the ticket office, on the concourse or along the visitor's entrance have either double- or single-sided banners proclaiming the area “Bearcat Nation.”

Doors throughout the facility have been wrapped with the Sherman logo and topped by slogans like “One Team, One Dream” and “Protect Our House.”

In the locker room, above the players hang three signs from diagonal beams that put together the sentence “We Are Sherman Football” while a door leading to the field is wrapped with the motto “Win Your Battle” and others are draped in “Fourth Quarter” and Bearcat Pride.”

The front of the press box now sports “Welcome to the Historic Bearcat Stadium” on the top level while the “Bearcat Football” slogan was moved from that spot down to the second level. The backside of the press box now has five large action pictures.

On the west side of the stadium, a pair of Bearcat paw prints adorn the box for scouts and visiting coaches and press.

Sherman’s first game this year in Bearcat Stadium is scheduled for October 2 against Mount Pleasant after the University Interscholastic League decided to push back the start of the season for Class 5A and 6A programs by nearly a month. Sherman will open at Denison for the 122nd Battle of the Ax on September 25 before hosting Mount Pleasant the following Friday.