20 Questions for the Class of 2020 — Luke Kirkbride, Denison, Baseball

Jason Della Rosa
Herald Democrat
Denison's Luke Kirkbride says his favorite sports movie is "The Sandlot" because it is a perfect example of a baseball kid's childhood.

With the spring sports season cancelled by the UIL because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Herald Democrat is putting a spotlight on the seniors who had their high school careers abruptly come to an end.

College plans: Northern Oklahoma College for baseball.

Superstitions, rituals or traditions before or after competing: I pray before every game and draw a cross with my bat.

Song or music that prepares you for competition: Post Malone.

Favorite subject/class: Environment Science.

Favorite teacher and why: Mr. Mobley. He always encourages the students to stay on top on their work, not only in his class but in every class. He wants the best for every student.

Favorite coach and why: Coach Bo. He is the reason I am playing at the next level as well as a couple of my teammates. He is a selfless coach and will do whatever it takes to make his team better.

Best teammate and why: Austen Patterson (Patty). He is a baller.

Best high school sports memory: I loved dog-piling after the second round, beating Arlington Heights. It is something I will never forget!

Best high school non-sports memory: Team dinners at Coulter’s house.

What you love about your sport: I love how team-orientated baseball is. There’s no room for selfishness. It’s all about us and what’s best for the team.

Favorite sports movie and why: I know it’s cliche but I have to go with “The Sandlot.” It is a perfect example of a baseball kid’s childhood.

Describe the Denison Class of 2020: Made up of so many great athletes, students and people that strive to be great.

Biggest lesson learned: Sports isn’t everything. God is always No. 1. He has control over everything. I learned to be friends with everyone and just love life. Relationships are everything and if you build those now, you will never lose them.

Biggest influence in your life: My dad. He has always pushed me to become a stronger Christian man, living with all the faith I can have in the Lord. He’s never left my side and he never fails to be the best father I could ask for.

Reaction to the season being cancelled: I am bummed. Some of my teammates won’t get the chance to play another baseball game in their life and it is very heart-breaking. I think we all learned that God is in control and the bigger picture is beautiful.

Message to your teammates: I love you guys. It was the best four years of my life. Good luck in the future and never stop grinding.

Message to your freshman self: Always keep God first in everything. Give all glory to Him and you will succeed.

Thing you won’t miss at all: Riding in the big yellow bus all the way to Wichita Falls.

Thing you will miss the most: Winning with my boys.