J.B. Webb — Texas weather and what to wear

Herald Democrat

Texas. You live here and you love it or you hate it. Lately our weatherman has been a little off on his predictions. Every morning this week has seen me wake up to almost no wind and moderate cold after keeping me up to 10 p.m. to see his prediction.

On Wednesday morning, I was up at 5:30 a.m. I went to the back porch and walked out. It was cold but with no wind blowing; it was not bad. Back inside, I got my first cup of coffee and started changing my dress for going fishing.

I put the frigid weather clothing back in the what I call my cold-weather drawer and went to my medium and light wear.  After laying out what I was going to wear I sat around drinking coffee and eating cookies Susan had baked Tuesday night.

As 7 a.m. approached, the boss of the house came over and gave me a woof. Ginger can tell time better than me. She has a morning ride and an evening one. I have clothing for taking her on a ride to the ramp that can quickly be put on and took off.

Back at the house Susan was in the kitchen getting Ginger’s breakfast ready. I went in and changed into my fishing gear and left for the lake.

The lake was almost still with the sun coming up and I parted the gentle waves as I idled out and hit the throttle. Water temp was 47; air temp was around 40. I was headed for a longer run when I saw gulls working a cove.

Quickly turning I slowed and idled in. The cove was full of loons and gulls. They were working a long bank with a dropoff and in about any other place they could find in the cove. I quickly joined them. There were big splashes everywhere you wanted to look and you could see a loon after a big gizzard shad.

What was funny was watching the gulls bombing them, wanting the shad for themselves. As quickly as I got everything ready, my first cast to the bank got me a sandbass, then a small striper. I missed another.

I was having a ball as I had the lake to myself. I kept moving around and had a lot of those three taps stripers and sandbass make before they take the lure. Then as I was working a bank that fell quickly, I got a light hit and set the hook.

It was staying down, and pulling I knew it was another silver fish. I was wrong. Finally getting it to the boat I had a two-pound Kentucky on my Blakemore Road Runner and 3.5-inch White YUM Pulse.

Releasing it, in the next hour I caught two more on the same lure and then my fourth and biggest bass, which was around three pounds, chomped down on a Cotton Cordell 3/4 oz Jigging Spoon. Letting it go like I did the others made me a happy fisherman.

There were a couple of things that didn’t go right. I had two fish on, I don’t know what kind, but my eight-pound line wasn’t in the fight long on either fish as they took my baits home with them.

One thing different from my usual Blakemore Roadrunner 1/4 oz jig Head, this trip I was using a 3/8 oz. Road Runner jigging head. It carried a bigger bait and got down quicker. I had a fun day between the three kinds of fish I caught.

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I did what I told you to do in the past couple of columns. I stayed there when the gulls and most of the loons left. While the action wasn’t as fast as when all the birds were working, I caught some more silver fish. I could also see some dead shad floating around. The lake is still good, just suck it up and get on the water.

This past weekend saw the Little Dixie Bass Club’s first tournament of the New Year going out of Catfish Bay and the 11 boats did some credable fishing. They caught 34 fish and had four bass weighing over four pounds.

The winning team of Clint Rogers and James Wallace had 15.12 pounds and big bass that was a 4.85-pounder, second was Sid Tolbert and Brandon Lawson with five at 14.58 pounds, third was Zeke Pierce and Tyler Owen with five going 14.22 pounds, fourth was Mark and Cade Bisson with five going 12.77 pounds and fifth was Charlie Keene and Brad Tolbert having five fish at 9.44 pounds.

Not a bad day except for maybe the weather.