J.B. Webb — High school fishing rules take me out

Herald Democrat

I have fished many tournaments where you had to have proof of insurance on your boat and you. I carried $50,000 on my boat when I was guiding. Most guides I know now carry at least a $100,000; a couple probably carry $500,000 or more.

Well as I had told you earlier, I was going to captain for two high school girls out in the upcoming Metroplex High School Tournament on Lake Texoma on November 20. Around 200 boats are expected and the weigh-in will be at Denison High School starting at 3 p.m.

I was gathering lures, cleaning Tombstone and even polished her a little and made sure all my electronics and trolling motor were working. At that time I hadn’t looked at the rules. I think they have more rules to meet in a high school fishing tournament than they do to play Football. I was reading along when I found out a rule said you must show proof of insurance of $300,000. That ended my fishing the girls' trip. Looks like to me if they want the kids to compete and fish, they could drop some of the rules. Just saying.

Storm damage to my pecan tree after three days of work was cut up, stacked and all the sawdust, leaves and small branches were cleaned up. I had some squirrels cleaning up the nuts and they were doing a good job.

The tree that that limb fell off of was eight feet around; the place where the limb broke off of the tree was 36 inches, bigger than some tree’s trunks are.

After all that hard work I thought I would go fishing. The weather forecast was sorta right but they never add the 10 miles per hour to their forecasts. Everyone I know who fish or boat Texoma a lot know to just add 10 miles to the forecast and you will be more accurate than them.

I hadn’t heard from Charlie so Tuesday I launched, ran to one of my better spots and commenced fishing. It was slow but this is a spot that gets better the colder it gets. The deep bite wasn’t there yet, so I put on a new Top water Heddon Super Spook BOYO just introduced. I’m an Old Mule when it comes to baits and a Zara Spook in different sizes has been one of my go-to lures in certain conditions.

Now I have the privilege of fishing some new Baits from Pradco Outdoors Fishing. I put on one of these new Heddon BOYO Zara Super Spooks. I hadn’t made four casts along a rock bank when the BOYO hit the water almost on a rock. The water splashed and I had a hefty two-pound bass coming to the boat.

The hooks on these three-inch lures are awesomely sharp. Not long after I got another Bass. By then the wind was getting up and I had a long run to get to our ramp. The new Heddon Zara BOYO, The Covert Spinnerbait, some new Crank Baits and a new Heddon Spitting Image Pop R, plus some other products they make come my way. I can fish with them and if I find something I don’t like I tell them.

They must have read my mind because I had been wanting a Zara Spook in between the Tiny Zara and the Heddon Super Spook Jr. for a long time. It’s here; you need to get to the tackle store and take a look at this 3- inch Super Spook BOYO Top water, its paint jobs are out of the world.

A couple of them would make a great Christmas gift for a fishing dad or granddad. This new one is old school, you must make it walk the dog by working your rod.  A good walker can make one do things you wouldn’t think of.

Little Dixie Bass Club fished Lake Murray for its November Tournament. Fishing was good as ever with every boat had a limit. Thirteen boats fished and 45 fish were weighed.

First place was Larry Wills and Jack Mills with five fish at 8.83 pounds, second was Brad Russell and Drew Smith with five fish at 7.81 pounds, third was Billy and Malachi Stephens with five totaling 7.02 pounds, fourth was Lee Hamill and Keven Brown five five fish at 6.86 pounds and fifth was Durward Cook and Jerry Brown with five fish totaling 6.38 pounds. Big Bass belonged to Hamill and Brown, a 3.14-pounder.