J.B. Webb — Texoma had a wonderful, full weekend

Herald Democrat

This past weekend saw a full-scale enjoyment of Lake Texoma with a multitude of events.

Over 200 boats, with two high school kids in each, fished last Saturday. It was the West Texas Division. I talked to some of the teams as they loaded up at our ramp. They all said they caught lots of fish, just not many legal ones.

No one had anything to say against our Old Lady. Did I mention that I’ve seen sardines in cans not as close together as parking was? Get where you can and some trucks parked so tight, I don’t know how they got out and in. Charlie went to the weigh-in at Denison High School. He said he had never seen so many boats in one place like this ever.

While that tournament was going on, The Little Dixie Bass Club was holding a two-day Tournament at the same time. They had 67 boats fishing it. Team weights were awesome. It took 20-plus pounds to get in the top 10. It was double-digit weight through 29th place and there was only one zero Saturday but with the heavy weights that came in Sunday, 38 boats zeroed.

Texoma showed she is still a top bass fishery. The top five were winners Wes Davis and Chris Robinson with 10 fish at 33.61 pounds, second was Tony Latta and Brandon Moss with nine fish totaling 27.19 pounds, third was Michael Hutchins with 10 fish at 26.98 pounds, fourth was Jeff Reynolds and Randal Bruce with eight fish totaling 25.69 pounds and fifth was Gary Griffitt and Mark Traweek had nine fish with 23.42 pounds.

Eighth-place Johnny Scott and Doug Schaekel had the tournament big bass, a hefty 6.84-pounder. There were 277 fish caught, weighing 658 pounds. Beans and brisket were top-notch supper for the teams.

I also want to let you know the people of Texoma and surrounding areas put on a great Welcome Home party. It started at VFW Lakeside Post 7873 Friday night with a happy crowd of troops and greeters. They played shuffle board, pool, sang karaoke and just talked to anyone who came and wanted to visit with them.

I was in the middle of a good-time event. Jerry Dorsey is older than me and he started this event over six years ago and still is the driving force for it and he has a lot help from Texomaland military supporters. It was a fun time for everyone.

Thanks to the two ladies working the bar and were busier than a one-legged cat in a sandbox, who saw to it that the drinks kept coming. Thanks to the guides who gave up trips to take the troops fishing on Saturday Morning out of Little Mineral Marina.

Once they returned they were talking to everyone about how much fun it had been. Lunch was at the Georgetown Baptist Church and that night Elks Lodge 238 fed them and they had another fun time with friendly people. Sunday morning  American Veterans Post 231 fed them breakfast before they left. Texomaland, you did good.

Wednesday morning, I left Charlie at home. An old friend who I hadn’t fished with for over a year wanted to catch some of the smallmouth I had been writing about. We put in at our cove and headed out.

Our first stop was a zero. Moving to another spot he caught a small Kentucky and asked where the big ones were. I kept moving and looking while he was roasting me. We made a few more stops, one was at the lighthouse and fished a bank that we both liked.

We made three passes up and down it and caught stripers, sandbass and Kentuckys -- none of them very big. After striking out in High Line Cove, I moved out to Buffalo Point, home of the large Smallmouths but not this morning.

At another stop in shallow water under rock ledge, I had made a cast and was walking a Heddon Zara Jr. Spook across it, he just happened to be looking when a big smallmouth took the Spook and the fight was on. As Rick was ready to get the net, the big fish got off. He said he had just been facing that way and saw the hit and jump and my rod bending almost double when the big bruiser exploded out of the water.

I made three more trips up and down the ledge before I caught a bass that might have gone two pounds. While I caught the biggest bass of our trip, Rick got me in numbers. By that time, we were hungry and went in and Rick bought me dinner.

 Another day on beautiful Texoma: fish were caught, laughs made, stories told. I had him rolling with my fractured bible tales and just having a good time with an old friend.

My Gunter Tigers are up to their eyes in strange tiger Hair. Seems like there are more Tigers in our district than I thought. After a week off, I predict the Gunter Tigers skin the Blue Ridge Tigers by 50-plus. There might be a sale on Tiger skins after district play is over. See you there.