J.B. Webb — Things happen when Frick and Frack go fishing

Herald Democrat

It had been several weeks since Charlie and I have been in the same boat. Tombstone was having it easy. We had agreed that Tuesday would be a good day to go fishing. Wanting to start early, I told Charlie I would be in the water and to come on down.

We have put up a new solar light on the dock so it would shine on the boat ramp. According to people I have talked to, they like it. Tuesday was my first dark launch in awhile. I lined up and backed in. I could see the ramp and things were going well until one side of my boat trailer dropped off the ramp.

No problem I thought; well there was a problem. Charlie got there and I was turned cross ways on the ramp. My boat wasn’t far enough back to get it off the trailer and in trying to pull it out my truck had jackknifed.

After Charlie got done laughing, I got out my tow strap, we hitched his truck to mine and pulled it out. I got in the boat, Charlie got in my truck and did the backing and we were afloat. By then our early morning window was almost gone. Thank goodness there was no one around to see this show.

I ran to our first stop — there were little stripers and sandbass popping up all along just off the bank we wanted to fish, but we started anyway. There was one good swirl on Charlie’s Heddon Chugger. I surrendered and caught a striper. We fished on and I caught a few more. Even Charlie was throwing a Rattle Bait. It was about three inches long. He got a strike, set the hook and said the fish had got off. He reeled in and there was a little striper not as big as his lure on it.

We kept moving and more fish were surfacing. Not looking for these, we left and went to another spot. I had a blow up on my Heddon Zara Spook. I missed the fish and Charlie got his lure to where I had the strike and hung up. By the time we got him loose and Tombstone out of the sand and rocks, we had made enough noise if there had been any fish around, they left the building.

At our next stop I caught a Kentucky. We kept moving and both of us missed the bites we were getting. Charlie caught him a Kentucky. Now I had told Charlie to only bring three rods and reels; I had four. Our guardian angel was on a coffee break.

We were going across Little Mineral. I heard a noise but kept going. Charlie looked down and I saw him counting, Yep, his spool got loose and his Chugger rod and reel were gone. He was down to two. We fished on. I was standing up. Frick made a cast and his reel went into backlash mode. His lure was stuck in me. It could have been a lot worst as my shirt caught most of it and I only got a deep scratch.

He was down to one rod now and we got his lure back after taking it out of me. We were fishing the skillet and I missed a good bass. Charlie had a good one but it got off. On another cast as my Zara Spook hit just off the bank the water exploded, I was into a nice fish. On Charlie's scales it went 3.65 pounds. We left there after another pass and went to our next stop. No fish. We took a pretty good bass whipping Tuesday, and to top it off I went to Buffalo Point.

Made a cast and when my Zara Spook hit the water there was a big smallmouth all over it but I didn’t get a hook in it. Even Charlie was impressed with the size of the splash. We fished awhile longer and called it a day. We started with seven rods and ended with three working. The rest were in bad shape and one was gone.

If you get in the boat with us don’t take anything you are fond of; we can likely remove or break it for you. Charlie will back this whole article up. I’m sure there will be another Frick and Frack story in the future.

Last weekend saw two major tournaments on Texoma. One was a 2-Day Championship Trail event. The other was The Fish Bowl 2021 benefiting The Toby Keith Foundation, which might turn into a yearly event. There were 102 boats entered. It was a three-fish limit and the weights were all close. The money raised was for a good cause and with the tremendous turnout I hope Toby does it again in 2022.

Well, I’m still right in all my predictions. Last Friday's game with Whitesboro was about the strangest I have ever seen. It was 21-0 in the first quarter. I had said Gunter by 30 and they wound up with 28. This week I predict the Gunter coach gets another Bearcat hide to go with last week’s. When the fur settles Gunter wins 23-14. See you there?