J.B. Webb — Ever have one of these days fishing?

Herald Democrat

Now everyone who has fished in a boat or owns a boat at one time or another has had this happen. Charlie and I were fishing Tuesday. He wanted to get on the lake early so we were at our ramp at 6 a.m. It was still a little dark and our ramp is out there somewhere under the water.

We were in his boat. He picked me up on the courtesy dock and idled out to the buoy before taking off. Charlie had a plan laid out and since I can’t walk on water yet I went along for the ride.

At our first stop we both had hits but didn’t get a fish. Moving along on his path we hit a couple of more spots we thought would produce but had nothing to show for it. We hopped around like a frog in a skillet trying different places.

It was getting up in the morning and due to the high water there are hardly any places you can put a boat on to let a person out. In the areas we were, the banks were almost straight up. These banks were mostly all wet, slippery clay and a slick sand-clay mix left from the dropping lake.

Well, I’ll keep this event I was involved in clean. About mid-morning nature came calling. If you have ever fished much you know where this is headed. Things went from bad to worse. Charlie was looking for a spot he could put me out on. There wasn’t any and in the cove we were in almost all of the banks were straight up.

Charlie ran up to one that looked like I might get out on. He got tangled in some brush under the water with his trolling motor and was trying hard to make headway. I was at the point of now or never, he said to jump and grab a root that looked good and stout.

I jumped and grabbed the root, which promptly broke off in my hand. I was on a slick bank slipping backwards while trying to go forward with my mind on something else. I was to the point where I looked like the third monkey trying to get on the Ark; I mean I was fighting to get up the bank. Charlie was still fighting the bush he was in and laying in the boat laughing. I’ll leave this story at this point. We never put a fish in the boat.

After things got under control we went back out. We hit some of our best spots with nothing to show for it. We couldn’t even find any of the stripers that generally found us. There is always another day when fishing might be better.

To rub salt in the wound, Wednesday morning as Ginger and I got to the ramp the stripers were tearing the water up all over the cove. All of the rods I have down there were too small to reach them; they are for slip fishing so we just watched along with a neighbor of mine as shad were knocked out of the water along with swirls and splashes.

I went home and got a rig I can cast a mile. They will be back and I hope I’ll be ready.

Monday, I took Ginger for her morning ride. We have gotten in the habit of going in the fish market to check on the crappie. When I say "You want to see if we can catch a wiggle," she knows to head for the walk to the boathouse. Well things had been slow there also as I was only able to catch small ones with an occasional keeper now and then.

But Monday bigger crappie were there and I quickly caught four. I didn’t have anything to put them in so I tossed them back. I have started using only plastics bodies from two lure companies — Blakemore Road Runner and Pradco’s Bobby Garland 2-inch Baby Shad in different colors.

They cost a little more but I think you will like either of these better than most. I fished both of them on a Blakemore 1/8 oz. Blakemore Road Runner Head. I found my fish basket, patched up some holes and put a stringer in my tackle box to hang the basket on.

I think the bigger crappie are finally on the move. Stripers are your best chance now of catching fish. If you can find points with wind blowing in and using a weighted cork and streamer to make long cast, use a steady medium fast retrieve. Catfish are still biting judging by all of the jug floats that are out.

I’m going fishing Friday and I hope to have a better story to report next week. While some of you may be whomping bass, I just write about how I’m doing.