J.B. Webb — Texoma bass seem to be hiding out right now

Herald Democrat

Agree or disagree, Texoma bass are not coming easy. Most of the bass fishermen I have talked to at our ramp and on the lake say bass are hard to find and big bass are a rarity. The biggest one I have seen lately was caught by a man in a kayak; the picture he showed me was of a smallmouth that should go around four or five pounds.

He said he caught it on a crankbait. He also regaled me with his story of catching a four- foot gar. He said it just pulled his kayak around. He said when he got it to the 'yak it had his crankbait in its mouth. Getting his pliers, he got his lure back and the Gar is still in the lake alive and mad.

Whitewright High School student Ethan Powell had been after me to go fishing with him. So last Saturday we went. He is on the Whitewright fishing team and knows how to use the stick. We left our cove and Texoma is still looking like a bass heaven even if the water is dropping.

I took us to the cove across from ours first. I had been catching a few there. We fished it out with no luck. Moving to a clay point he a hit just off the bank. He played a solid bass to the boat. I looked at his lure and it was a multi-colored jig with a plastic chunk.

He released it. And not much later on the other side he caught another. I was still looking. We moved around some more and I finally got a small bass. We fished on and a long time later he caught his third bass.

He was teasing me about how he was two bass ahead of me. We got in some surfacing stripers and caught several and he was ahead of me on these fish also. We fished until noon and called it a day.

Needing to get my spirits up, I finally got Charlie to go fishing with me Wednesday. We went in his boat and met at the Ramp at 6:15 a.m. Launching we went to the point Ethan had caught two of his bass on. After fishing it thoroughly without a smell from a fish we started working our way to the back of Little Mineral.

I got first blood as I landed a bass on my Top Water Spit ‘N Image, as I touched it, I could count it. That was it for a long time. Charlie had changed lures several times and finally tied on a crawdad crankbait. On Buzzard Point he caught a bass. Releasing it, a little later he got a nice smallmouth that I thought was going to win the fight.

It made several good leaps and one of those leaps carried it about three feet before going back in. That gave him a one-fish lead. Then all at once we were in the middle of schools of surfacing fish.

Only problem with that was they were the wrong color and small. I put on a small silver Spoon and begin catching them. When you have gone a long time without a bite or fish, catching small ones is fun. I did catch a couple of good size sandbass mixed in with the little fish. It was one of those nice days to be on the lake as it stayed cool all morning.

Last Saturday when Ethan and I went fishing there was also a tournament going on. Joe Copeland's Future Bass went out of Alberta Creek. Forty-two boats showed up. Talking to the team who finished ninth, they said it was a grind them out, tough tournament.

Fishing for bass in this tournament wasn’t easy either. There were 17 boats who zeroed. Most of the other 26 boats had from 1-4 fish. Winning with a limit of four fish. Tony and Kylie Lata with 14.01 pounds and big bass a 5.56 pounds, second was Mike Drain and Andy Ferguson had four 11.69 pounds; third was Red Rutherford and David Brese had four fish totaling 11.69 pounds; fourth was Dan and Jace Wilson at 11.66 pounds and fifth was Dean Krambeck and Derek Rowsey with 11.64 pounds.

It only 10.01 pounds, to get in the top 10. Second place money was split between the two teams. Twenty-one teams had four-fish limits the other five who weighed in fish had from 1-3 fish per boat.