J.B. Webb — Playing five-card stud with a new lure

Herald Democrat

The threat of possible heavy rains with winds and the possibility of lighting late Tuesday night and into Wednesday had me getting prepared, so I put light rain gear in by boat. I don’t know why I did. Our local weather guessers haven’t got anything right in awhile.

No rain or storm Tuesday night led to a beautiful day Wednesday. My fishing friend Charlie was iffy about going. He didn’t call or show so Tombstone and me hit the lake. The water was calm with almost no wind and the sun was shining so you could see schools of shad moving around.

The high water would make most bass fishermen with all this new brush in the water almost jittery. Texoma fishing doesn’t often see this much green stuff in the water.

Pradco Fishing Elite Pro Jason Christie won a recent tournament in Texas with a new Spinnerbait he had designed and Pradco made to take a $100,000 win. It was one of those Spinnerbaits he used in it that did the most damage on the bass in off-colored water. It was his main bait in the tournament.

Well, when it was put in stores it went like hot cakes. I was sent some to try. It’s called a Booyah Covert Series Spinnerbait. If you haven’t had a chance to get one yet, you are missing out on a tough, good-looking bait. Almost everything they did with it in development is new. The biggest change I could see was the head now had gills sticking out. They make the bait run straighter and when you hit a log or tree the head doesn’t completely turn on its side and cuts down on your hang ups.

It doesn’t eliminate them but it’s a lot better than some of the old round heads. A super smooth swivel spinner and quality blades make this a lure you will like. It’s a little more costly but if you buy one you will come back for another.

With the short history I wrote about above, I had one tied on when I hit the water. I headed to the back of Little Mineral. There is flooded buck brush and grass and trees that now have water over them. The water was a little stained and it just called for a Spinnerbait.

I made a lot of casts before I got the first hit and jerked a nice keeper bass out of his green home. Moving across the water to the east side I started trying other lures. I did a lot more casting and I had nothing to show. Picking up the new Spinnerbait I just stuck with it as I moved down the bank.

Finally, I got a hit, set the hook and had a bass just not very much larger than the bait. Letting it go I kept trying different lures but the Booyah Covert Series Spinnerbait was what they liked. I had set my goal of five fish and I had caught two.

I decided to go back and try my boathouse pattern. I went back to our ramp and started working the boathouses. I caught another nice fish — nothing to brag about but a solid fish. Then I got another about the same size. That gave me four and before I got done with those houses, I had one more going well over two pounds. That made my goal of five fish.

Every fish I caught came on the Booyah Covert Series Spinnerbaits. I had two of them tied on — one a Chartreuse and white with black strands in the skirt and a solid white one. I only fished three hours. I know Academy had some if they aren’t sold out.

The bait is new, different and I would recommend these Spinnerbaits to anyone. I threw some of my other Spinnerbaits but the Booyah Covert Series was the only ones they wanted.

Wednesday afternoon I was at the ramp in the golf cart giving Ginger her pre-dinner ride when I ran into a retired Grayson County deputy. He had been fishing with a friend and he showed me pics of two big fish they had caught on YUM Dingers.

He said both of those fish came out of the same area. He loves those YUM dingers like I do my spinnerbaits.

Get out when you can; there is more good-looking structure in the lake than you can ever fish and if the lake keeps rising fishing is going to get better. Stripers continue to be excellent. Live bait like shad is working best but people fishing artificial baits are also catching fish. Catfish are good and crappie are starting to show.

Texoma is turned on now so get out get your share of fish.