J.B. Webb — Three days' worth of Texoma fishing tales

Herald Democrat

After the beating our old girl took last weekend, I stayed off the lake. With 258 teams and boats full of 516 teens and 258 adults in Texoma, our merchants, hotels and motels, gas stations and restaurants probably did pretty well. Here at Preston Shores all the bed and breakfasts were taken.

I was going to get more results on this tournament but I’m a puttering, dumb old mule. You youngsters who grew up with a computer can likely find the results. While this Tournament was taking place, up in Oklahoma at Alberta Creek Future Bass was holding a tournament with 53 boats. That makes 311 on Sunday. JC Outdoors also had their monthly tournament. That’s a lot of pressure on any lake.

Monday, I got up and the gloom-and-doom local weather guesser missed it again as the heavy rains never came. I hooked up and went to Highport. Launching without any problems this time I fished for four hours. I had called Charlie and he was likely stuck to his chair as he thought he would put it off for another day.

I started my boathouse run. I fished the stalls like I had said earlier and even though I’m good at it, I had to put the thumb brake on a lot. I am still using the Booyah Spinnerbait I’ve been writing about. It’s a super good bait but I do tweak it Webb style and it seems to make a difference.

In the four hours I fished I caught nine nice bass. Charlie called while I was fishing and when I told him about the two that got off at the boat, he disqualified them. I think if I get the hook in the fish, I caught it. Hill rules say you've got to touch it to count. So, the way it ended was I had seven bass in the boat — two sandbass, two big crappie and a gar. All of them came on the Booyah Spinner bait off of and in boat stalls.

Tuesday after Ginger’s morning ride I came back to the house. Susan had left for her aerobics class so I had to feed Ginger. That can take a while as she has to have many pets before she eats. With that out of the way I hooked up and put in at our ramp.

A friend I know who loves to fish as well as I do was standing on the bank casting. I asked him if he wanted to go fishing with me. In no time he was in the boat.

We started in our cove. I missed a fish. At another boathouse he missed a monster of a black bass fishing a White Shad Booyah swimbait down the side of the boathouse. The big fish came out from under a float and somehow missed the bait but left a swirl like a No. 3 bath tub. We fished on to the back when we began seeing shad schools and fish chasing them.

We stayed back there for probably 30 minutes before we left. We didn’t count how many we caught. Leaving our place after the fishing slowed, I ran us up to Highwire Cove and the wind was blowing in on it. There were a lot of white birds on the bank and wading in the water.

Tip: never pass up those white birds without trying for a fish. We caught silver fish until we were tired of it. We did hear thunder so I decided to go back. I stopped at the old Coors Boat Ramp. He caught the only bass we got in the boat Tuesday. I have no idea how many sandbass and little stripers we caught.

Wednesday morning, I hooked up and went to Highport again. Working the same pattern on the same boat houses with the Booyah Spinnerbait on my second cast with a boat fisherman watching I got a two-plus in the boat. He had been working the shoreline. He left and got ahead of me and when I came out and looked west, he was on another boathouse fishing. But it wasn’t one of the good ones.

When I came out of another boathouse after catching another keeper, he was moving out and going toward the wave tamers. I fished until about noon and called it a day. I had four bass, two big crappie, three sandbass and a gar in the same area I had caught one Monday. I’m through for this week.

Joe Copeland’s Future Bass was also last Saturday as I mentioned. His 53 boats caught 157 fish with 18 zeroes. First place was Dan and Jace Wilson with 17.46 pounds and big bass a 5.72-pounder. Second was Scott and Hayden Burkett at 15.24 pounds, Josh Williams and Billy Clark were third at 15.12 pounds, fourth was Duane and Joshua Smith with 14.88 pounds and Michael Sharp and Johnny Thompson were fifth at 14.12 pounds.