J.B. Webb — Riding in back is not a bad way to fish

Herald Democrat

Thanks to Texas Retina Associates who had to rebuild my eye after another Doctor had messed it up. After outpatient Surgery in Dallas last Thursday, I have been limited to pretty much doing small things.

I’m not supposed to pick up over 15 pounds for 2 weeks. Not supposed to look down for long periods of time, I can’t go fishing in my boat because my overhead door is too heavy for me to lift under these rules — not everyone has an electric garage opener. Us old mules don’t mind a little weightlifting.

Feeling like a person doing time, I called Charlie. He took his boat so all I had to do was sit in the back again.

We left our cove and he wanted to go to the back of Little Mineral and hit some of the trees and structure that are under or going under the rising water. We spent a couple of hours in that area and still hadn’t had a bite.

Now I was also under a strict warning from my doctor that I was not to be on the water in a boat for the next 15 days. He did say if it was calm with no waves I could go. Just no wave thumping and jarring. I sat in the easy chair as Charlie moved us around.

We went to a couple of other spots where we had caught fish. Another wasted gas run. The wind was getting up so we went back to our cove.

Now I’m on a boathouse pattern as I have said in my other articles. Charlie doesn’t like fishing for those city fish — he likes those away from civilization.

We started working the boathouses. I was in the back and making casts that pulled the moss off the floats. Charlie was trying and he did make a few good casts. I got to work on getting the country out of him. I had made a long cast and as I came out from under a float I got a chunky bass.

Not long after I got one that he guessed at four pounds; it wasn’t long before I had another on but lost it at the boat. As I was working the last boathouse, I caught what looked like to be a good bass. It was wrapped up in some cable.

He turned us around and put me as close as he could so I could reach the fish. Surprise: it was a big crappie that had my Booyah Spinnerbait in the cable. I got him and it out and while being disappointed because it wasn’t a bass, I let it go. That was it for the day as we quit at 11:30 a.m.

All my fish came on a Booyah Chartreuse and White Spinnerbait with a 3- inch Pulse Trailer. Now I’m using a different version of the Spinner bait. It’s a Booyah but I’m using counter rotating blades. I just like it better than the standard Spinnerbaits but to each his own; that’s the reason they make different kinds.

The counter rotating blades let you run it faster, it doesn’t roll and I think it gives off a different vibration but either one will work using my pattern. It was a beautiful day to be on the water — cool, sunny and no wind until later.

This past weekend saw the Oklahoma High School Championship Tournament go out of Catfish Bay. I generally get the results but this time I didn’t. When I called the lady who answered, she said somehow they had lost the info but were getting it back.

All I know is that there were around or over 200 teams fishing it. The next tournaments on Texoma are the Texas High School Championship and Joe Copeland’s Future Bass.

The high school tournament will take off and return to the Dam Site launch ramp. Seems like Highport is tightening things up with areas once used for headquarters and parking being fenced off.

Word through the grapevine is the ramp is going to be gated and you will need a card to get on the ramp. We will know when it happens.

Future Bass is going out of Alberta Creek. Throw in the swarms of striper guide trips and common fishermen and recreation boaters, the lake is going to be downright crowed. To add icing on the cake the lake is full of floating logs and other hazards. If you are going out this weekend keep alert for floating trash.

Striper, sandbass, catfish and crappie are very good. Trolling, live bait and small plastics and Slabs and Swim baits, are working for those fishing for them. Black bass, spots and smallmouth are fair to good on lures around boathouses for me.