J.B. Webb — Texoma turned on for striper, sandbass and those green fish

Herald Democrat

When I talk about green fish I mean fishing for the family of largemouth, spotted and smallmouth fishing that is good. Stripers and sandbass are even better.

Crappie seem not to be moving up over in Little Mineral. Maybe in Mill Creek or Big Mineral they might be ahead of the deeper water mid-lake. The many cold fronts coming through might be keeping them off the bank.

Guides are working hard and most have their clients limits early. Looking to get in on this? I would say head north toward the Rail Road Bridge. Platter Flats, Washita Point and the Soldier Creek Flats along with the open water from North Island to the Cross are good.

Look for groups of boats — they usually have the schools spotted. There are some birds still working and it might be a good idea to fish under them. While you can catch the sliver fish on slabs, swim baits and trolling A Rigs like the YUMBrella, live bait shad or store bought are really getting their share of fish.

While I haven’t heard from the guides on the Red River side, I’m sure they are having the same luck. Either side head up the rivers looking for fish.

After two days of cutting and hauling logs and getting them stacked up to season for splitting this coming winter, I decided to take a break and go fishing. Last winter I burned about half of all the wood in California but we never lost power or heat, I just kept carrying it in and we were toasty warm. People wave as they drive by and see me handling wood that averages about 40 pounds stacking it shoulder high.

This 78-year-old body has been getting two pickup loads each afternoon and cutting them to fit my fire palace. Drive by my house and look at the wood cut and stacked if you think I’m making this up. I’m proud I can still do this day after day.

I’m going to have outpatient eye surgery in Plano. Before they would work on me, I had to have an EKG. I went to Dr. Millman’s office and had to answer a bunch of questions like "do you fall?" They don’t like "yep, but I get up don’t everyone fall?" as an answer. "Do you have getting up and down problems?" I said it depends on what I was mixed up with. "Was I allergic to anything?" You would think I was old.

Dr. Millman had come in and they were asking these and some more questions. I slid out of the chair set on the floor crossed my legs and stood up. Dr. Millman just rolled his eyes and shook his head. Made me feel good.

This week I took off a day to dig out some of the flower beds for Susan. Don’t ever put garlic in your flower beds. It’s almost impossible to dig it all out and smells rank too.

Tuesday it was windy and cold. I burned some more wood. Wednesday I hooked on my boat and went to Highport again. I got there around 8 a.m. and hit some of my once good and will be again but not now spots. With nothing to show I started up and moved out to the deeper water.

Picking up the same Booyah Spinnerbait I had used last week to catch fish, I started working the boat slips over deep water. I was using a 3/8 oz. Chartreuse and White Spinnerbait with Gold and Silver Willow leaf blades with a 4 inch YUM Pluses Trailer. The reason I went to that Spinnerbait and trailer besides it catching fish last week, there were schools of minnows hitting and chasing my blades.

I wanted a bait I could keep shallow and be more the size of the minnows. This worked as I was able to keep my bait in the minnow schools and just below the float’s bottoms. In four hours I caught eight fish — six bass and two big sandbass. All were keepers and the biggest one a large mouth around five pounds.

These fish are there — you just have to be patient and make a lot of casts. There are two things to remember. You better be able to cast if you try to fish this way. Don’t hit the big boats and look out for tie-down ropes. If you catch one of them, don’t get out on the dock to try to get it back; you will be on camera and trespassing.

Boaters are not as friendly as they used to be if you hang or hurt their toys. Patience, care and making a lot of casts is the best way to catch those fish.

This past Saturday saw several bass tournaments on Texoma. Joe Copeland's Future Bass went out of Alberta Creek. Despite a cold, windy day fishing was good.

First place went to Johnny Thompson and Michel Sharp at 19.07 pounds. Second was Darrell Smith and Dustin Wilkey at 18.86 pounds, third was Wes and Sean Davis with 18.04 pounds, fourth was Mike Woody and Jack Huffman at 17.71 pounds with big bass a 5.66-pounder and fifth was Mark and Matthew Robison had 16.61 pounds.

I was getting 61-degree surface temp around noon Wednesday as it warmed up. Crappie time and Top water time mid-lake will be starting before long. Clean your rods and reels and make a trip to our local stores for the new lures they have.