J.B. Webb — Sometimes you have to move to bluer pastures

Herald Democrat

Living out here is a good place to see wild turkeys. They are in the woods and on almost every trip to Pottsboro or out north to the Lakeside VFW on 289 you can just about be assured you will see one or more if you are looking off to both sides of the road.

So much for the theory hunters make that you have to be quiet and dress like a tree to get one. If you are in the right car at the right place, you might bag one as it crosses the highway. Wednesday morning Susan and I were off to get an EKG at my doctor. As we went down south a big tom turkey with a long beard crossed in front of us.

I had a hen last week run beside me before I got to Frank's, then she cut into the woods. I see them at our boat ramp sometimes when I go down to unlock the gate and very often I also see deer. Just icing on the cake living at the lake if you like wildlife.

Why I needed an EKG I have no idea as a Plano eye specialist will be working on my eye. It turned out, as usual, “great - nothing showing," so I’m ready to go. It’s outpatient so I’ll be back home that afternoon. It’s hard to look for bedding fish with only an eye and a half.

After the last few bass trips where I took a whipping on catching, Tuesday morning I went fishing again. I’m spoiled because it’s so easy for me to get on the water, I generally don’t go anywhere else.

I decided to go Highport for the second time this year. Charlie decided he would set this one out for the second time. When I turned on Highport Road and got a little way up it, I couldn’t believe my eyes over how many storage buildings have been built and there were some more new businesses along there as well. A big housing site had a sign that said sold out.

Arriving at Highport I was greeted by a big, new parking spot. Following the arrows, I got to the ramp and launched. As I was idling out I decided to start at what had been a good place this time of year. Over half of the water I once fished was covered with old boathouses and other floating objects.

I fished what I could with no results. My second spot also was a zero. I keep moving around and as I threw my 3/8 oz. Booyah Spinnerbait with a White 3.5 inch YUM Pulse up by a boathouse, I got a strike and boated a good bass. On to something I put everything down but my Spinnerbait. I went to just working boathouses and kept on catching fish. I was making short casts up in the slips and being very careful so I wasn’t hitting any of those big boats.

I had to rub the floats with my retrieves but that’s where the fish were and the sun was out. I had gotten on the water late and had to have Susan in McKinney for a doctor's appointment at 1:30 p.m.

I only got to fish a little over two hours. I had eight fish, all keepers, and the five best might have went 11 or 12 pounds. They weren’t big but finally catching more than one made my day.

As you all probably know by now, I have had a lot of different sponsors. In the early days a handshake got me into a sponsorship. Then I started writing and picked up a few more. I was still working at the fire department while this was going on. Now if you are lucky enough to get a major sponsor, you better be prepared to fish less and work more.

I worked boat shows and gave seminars and openings of new stores and even worked a couple of BASS stops in Texas. I worked the Bassmaster Classic at Tulsa one day for G Loomis and TFO Rods and Blakemore Road Runners. As time has gone on and I got older and the friends I had made got older and retired, the newcomers didn’t know me and wanted me to fill out a bunch of paperwork contracts.

I didn’t like being tied down with one bait or something else. That ended some sponsorships. Today my biggest sponsors, Pradco Fishing, TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group, TFO Outfitters Rods are about all I want to do.

If you watched the BassMaster three-day stop on the Sabine River over the weekend, one of Pradco’s Sponsored entrants, Jason Christie, won it with a new Booyah Covert Series Spinnerbait he had a hand in designing and earned him $100,000.

The 1/2 oz. Spinner bait had a YUM Watermelon and Pearl Laminate Dinger Trailer. You can see the lure and read how he won the tournament in the dirty water throwing a Chartreuse and Chrome Colorado Blades on his bait. They thump more and are easier for the fish to find.

These new YUM Covert Baits will be on the shelves soon, if they are not there already. Texoma sees another tournament this Saturday with the Future Bass Tournament going out of Oklahoma’s Alberta Creek Ramp. Weigh-in starts about 3 p.m.

The outlook is for fishing weather this weekend. Check out your boat and gear and get on the lake. Crappie are reported to be good in Big Mineral and west. Just go — a day fishing beats a day of setting any time.