J.B. Webb — Sometimes take your own advice while fishing

Herald Democrat

This last couple of weeks, and this Wednesday, the wind has made fishing anything but fun. I’m going but not staying long. Early morning you have a window of fairly light wind and being on the water then you can get in two or three hours of fishing.

Knowing the wind is going to get up, I’m not making any long runs. Now I have a selection of rods and reels most times out on the deck when fishing. There are times I would be better off just having a couple of rods out instead. I had been out for about three hours and with the wind getting up I came in.

Now I have a boat, good electronics and more tackle than Walmart in my boat. As I idled in, I was the only car in the lot. I hadn’t had a smell of a bass all morning. There was a young man — young compared to me — on the dock fishing. As I edged in and tied up, he asked if I had caught anything. When I replied no, he said he caught five with the biggest one about four pounds.

I had my doubts but while we were talking, he set the hook and had another nice Kentucky on his lure. I thought it was a freak event. Walking to get to my truck he yelled he had another. I turned and watched as he worked a nice bass back to the bank where he could lip it.

I put my boat on the trailer, pulled it out and was draining it when he yelled he had another. I changed the crank bait on my rod to get as close as I could to the color he was using and joined him on the dock.

I cast and cast with no hits. I stayed on the dock with him for about 20 minutes. I finally got that heavy feeling and set the hook it pulled back as I cranked it in. Thursday was National Beer Day and I had gotten a head start as I landed an old beer can with red line wrapped around it.

It just goes to show with all of the fancy stuff and running around the lake, staying in one spot and fishing from boat or bank just might catch you more fish. I preach this especially to people fishing with me in the winter. The same advice in summer might be a good idea for me to take also.

After all, how many of us have caught a bass when running 50 miles per hour going somewhere else? I left him with my ears drooping I was proudly carrying the beer can I caught to throw in the trash, he had caught another and was still chunking and winding.

Not that he doubted my fishing ability but he said I could borrow their log splitter If I needed it. Always makes an ex-guide feel good.

Tombstone still has a smell in the back. I’ve thrown everything in except the kitchen sink trying to get something to overpower the smell but nothing has worked 100% yet. The rat and my boat have bonded. My last try I’m going to make is with my pressure washer. At least now every time I stop the buzzards don’t circle over me.

I had a good friend pass away this week. He and I had the same birthday except he had four more years than me, and we both had been in the Navy. I forget how we met but as they say it was like a hand and glove, we fit together.

Jim Wisdom was an avid fisherman and he and I had some great days together. We also had our share of times when Webb and Wisdom got in some predicaments that were funny to say the least. He had as much or more fishing gear than me and on some of our trips we had talked about what we would do if something happened to us.

He borrowed my fishing tackle and I borrowed his. I mowed his yard for years. I was also on call as he lived in Big D and would call me to go do this or that. He loved salmon patties; I can’t stand them. He would often drive up on Friday just to eat them at Patsy’s Café while I had chicken fried steak. My life is going to have a big hole in it every time I launch my boat.

Stripers are good according to John Blasingame. Bass are fair and crappie are beginning to show up. Jug fishing for catfish must be good as there are a lot of jugs drifting in the lake.

If the wind calms down just get out of the house and find a bank to fish from. Live bait seems to be the best for stripers but I'm not sure what the jug people are using. Crappie remain slow, some sand bass are being caught also.