J.B. Webb — Later has become better for fishing

Herald Democrat

Charlie and I had been going fishing early for awhile. Most of the time we didn’t catch many, if any. Charlie has been busy lately and so I went by myself. Most times I can catch at least one, but fishing for bass now is hit and miss.

If I wanted to catch a fish now, I would go north or west. The reason these areas being better is the sun shines on them more. Those ends of the lake are also shallower from 50-plus years of dirt and trees washing in from the Red and Washita Rivers.

Another reason to consider is that the water is almost off-color all the time. Stained water soaks up more sun and makes it warmer than the clearer and deeper water mid-lake to the Dam. This was pretty well proven after the FLW Tournament last week. Almost all of the better sacks of fish were caught up north and west up the Red River.

Solder Creek this time of year is not a bad place to start. Alberta Creek was fished hard and it produced. Most of the fishermen said the bite also got better later in the day. Texoma proved how tough it can be as on Day 1 only two boats had five-fish limits out of 156 boats.

Now this wasn’t just a bunch of new, upcoming fishermen. Some of the bass legends we watch in other FLW and Bassmasters features on TV entered; none of them made the Top 10 fish-off. Texoma proved to be a tough nut. There were only two pros who had five-fish limits all three days. Evan Barnes won $42,906 with 42.10 pounds. Only two bass over six pounds were caught over all three days. Our old lady proved once again she is the boss as far as number of fish caught by anyone.

I’m sorta happy to report that I won the war with the rat. Happy I didn’t shoot a hole in my boat or reach back behind my batteries to check out the rat. The sorta part is he died behind the batteries. As long as it stayed cold, he didn’t stink much. It got warm and hold your nose time. I had to move the batteries — not an easy job — to get him. Tombstone still smells rather strongly of “Eau de ratta."

I don’t think you will be seeing it on the shelves in stores any time soon. I’m probably the only boater on Texoma that has his own buzzard escort.

Between the wind and rain lately I’ve not been on the lake. I changed this Wednesday when I waited until around 1 p.m. to go out. It was windy and rather than trying to get beat up and wet running, I decided to just fish our cove. I fished from the mouth toward the back.

As I went down that south bank helped by the wind it was fishing, not catching. Finally picking up my YUMbrella Flash Mob Rig because I had heard from some of the people fishing in the last two tournaments it was working. I finally got to the back of our cove where the water is from 1-4 feet deep.

I had just made a cast when there was an explosion of water as something big knocked a shad up in the air. Reeling in as fast as I could, I made a cast into the general area where the action had been, the water couldn’t have been over two feet deep.

As I came by a stump in the water something hit my Rig and all I could do was hang on. It never surfaced and one time I thought I saw a fish with scales, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a catfish as it was moving too fast. I couldn’t gain any line on him as my drag kept working.

After about three minutes in a tug of war it finally pulled off. I’m going to guess it was a big striper. If it was a bass that big, I don’t want to know. I loaded up and went to the house and had a drink in the Rusty Moose with Susan. A great afternoon living at the lake.