J.B. Webb — For better or worse, I’m back

Herald Democrat

Sorry about last week. Between Susan and me the week was pretty well shot. I had cataract surgery and she had a new shoulder put in. As she can’t drive and must go for therapy or anywhere out of the house, I’m the driver. Fishing was out for the whole week.

Has anyone seen all of the wrapped boats down here? FLW has a tournament going on this Thursday through Saturday with around 200 boats entered. They will be going out of Catfish Bay all three days if you want to go up for the weigh-in.

After Thursday and Friday, the field will be cut to the top 10, who will fish Saturday for the Gold Ring. I have talked to people from all over the country as they came in our cove. I believe them when they said Texoma was a disappointment.

They didn’t have an off-limits practice so some boats were down here last week. I’m pretty sure the weigh-in will be in the RV Camping area of Catfish Bay across the bridge on the west side. I could tell Tombstone had his feelings hurt even though I had polished him up. He looked a little rough next to those pretty, dressed up boats.

I got back into the fishing mode big time this week. Monday, I found out why I’m glad I quit guiding. I fished in an on-and-off rain with a Puff the Magic Dragon cold wind. While I didn’t get wet or cold, it brought back memories of some days like this in the past.

I quit fishing after four hours and still hadn’t caught a fish. Tuesday I was on the lake again. After three hours I had two bass that rolled up into one fish might have weighed four pounds. Wednesday it got better as I caught three more — nothing big but all keepers. The five fish came on three lures — a YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr, A Rig and a Carolina Rig with a Lizard.

I have made a change now with the weights I use on my C Rigs. I’m using a Lindy Lures-Center No Snag Slip Sinker. I like it because you can get it in a rattling mode. It's shaped different and just slides over almost anything. It comes in 1/8-, 3/16- and 1/2-ounce weights for bass fishing and lighter weights for crappie and other species.

My third fish Wednesday came on a 3/8 Oz. Blakemore Road Runner with a Pulse 4-inch Swim Bait off a sand bank ledge. All the fish came out of Little Mineral.

Tombstone and me both survived the Battle with a Rat fight. Ever since a rat had chewed up my boat wiring and after paying Gary’s Boat Service for replacing it, I had put poison blocks in my boat. I raised the lid over my batteries and plumbing compartment and there was a big rat sitting there looking at me.

He didn’t run so I slid out of the boat and got my pellet rifle, eased back up and the rat had moved over and was just sitting there again looking at me. Now I slid the gun up and put it on him and just as I pulled the trigger it hit me; I was also shooting into my Transom. Tombstone is tough and there was only a ding.

I’m pretty sure I got the rat but he made it behind the batteries and I couldn’t see him. Now I’m not the highest apple in the tree but I wasn’t going to reach in to where a wounded rat might be and see if he was dead. There were a lot of things back there that I could have hurt, including me escaping from a mad rat, but the Transom is tough.

I figured I’d do it the hard way and wait until I smelled him. He must have made it out because it hasn’t smelled yet.

Friends tell me striper fishing is good and the fish seem to be staging at the river's mouth in the lake waiting to go up the rivers and spawn; some may have already started up. He and some other striper guides are switching to live bait as the water warms. Another guide who works out of our ramp and guides for catfish says the big kitties are playing and that his customers on his last trip had caught a 70-pound blue, a 34-pounder and a 20-pounder. Crappie are still slow but it's coming.

In the two local tournaments just over a couple of weeks ago it took a 20-pound sack in JC and a 16-pound Future Bass weight to win.