J.B. Webb — Cure for the Monday fishing blues

Herald Democrat

As you gathered by my throwbacks I had to use in my articles, I hadn’t been fishing in a while. From before the ice age until this past Monday, Tombstone hadn’t been out of the shop.

Monday morning I gave Ginger an earlier than usual ride. Back at the house I turned her over to Susan to feed, grabbed my keys and headed for the garage or shop depending on what I’m doing. I quickly hooked up and was on the road in about 15 minutes. Ten more minutes and I was on the water.

There wasn’t another vehicle in the parking lot. When I headed out the lake was almost like a mirror. After 30 minutes of casting with no fish at my first stop, I left. After a lot of casting at the next stop, as I was coming across the bottom, I got a tic and set the hook. I played a 3.4-pound smallmouth to the boat. The fish was so cold that he didn’t put up much of a fight.

When I lipped him, he didn’t flop and weighing him was easy. I quickly returned him to the water. I spent a while longer there but didn’t get another bite.

Off again to another spot on the opposite side of the lake. I fished it for about 30 minutes when I got the tic again and put a 2.8-pound Kentucky in the boat. I stayed a little longer but they didn’t want to play.

As I left that spot, I saw the first boat of the morning. It was a guide and he was headed north. People who use live bait say there seems to be plenty of bait fish in the lake so I’m thinking we dodged a bullet with our shad not getting thumped by the cold.

I had fished for four hours and caught two fish that would go 6.2 pounds. The day was beautiful and I caught a pair of quality fish so I count this as a great day.

Tuesday morning I went fishing again. It was a little later and I had some wind that was building. Instead of making my milk run I went exploring. I fished for three hours and never got a bite. Coming out of the cove I had last been fishing, I was met with some waves. It was a little bumpy now and then but it wasn’t a bad ride back to our cove. That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching.

Using the same baits and fishing places like I did Monday, I never got a bump. I wanted to go again Wednesday but when I walked out my wind Chimes sounded like The Bells of St. Mary. That ended my fishing until Friday. Bell ringing or not I’m going fishing with a couple of friends in their boat. Tombstone can take it easy.

If I was going fishing with these warm days we have been having, I’d try sand and rocks in the backs of creeks or coves. One other thing I’ve seen for good fishing now is the big iron pipes holding boathouses.

The rusty iron gets warm and transfers it down the pipe. I drop a 3/4 oz Cotton Cordell Jigging Spoon down the pole and sometimes it has a fish with their nose against it and will bite. Both my fish Monday came out of 20-plus feet of water. Both went for a Blakemore 3/8 oz Road Runner with a 3.5 inch YUM Pulse swimbait.

I would key in on structure like this in creeks and coves on the northwest and west sides of the lake. The sun has warmed the top layer of water and the wind blowing water into a cove can make the water a degree or more warmer and also increase the amount of air in the water. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get a fish to bite.

The lake is low so be careful when you are running. Spots you have been running over for a couple of years just might have something bad about a lower unit deep.