J.B. Webb — Time to look back at a 2006 trip

Herald Democrat

The past two weeks have seen me doing my imitation of a nurse. Now I’m not near in their class; they deserve every penny they make.

Susan had her shoulder fixed. Since she only has one working arm right now, I’ve been elected, along with Ginger, to keep her happy by cooking meals — which Ginger checks by having some of before I carry it to her — washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping and doing laundry.

Just when I think I’m doing good my mouth a time or two has seen me in the dog house while Ginger gets pets and hugs and the love seat. I’m a little overexerting helping Susan sometimes with her shoulder; my mouth also gets her hair riled up at times.

She is really feeling better and has even mentioned a time or two I could go fishing. I haven’t been since before we got the ice storms during which I burned half a forest in the fireplace. Tombstone is getting moss growing on it.

As I prefer to have a current fishing trip to write about and not being on the lake, all I can tell my readers is the stripers must be biting. Guide boats are working. They are out in the main lake.

That being said I pulled out my 2006 notebook. This is a trip I can still recall. It starts on March 10, 2006 and the lake was about where it was then. Lake elevation was 613, the temp was 42 Surface, water was clear with a 10 MPH wind, Bluebird Sky.

I launched about 7:00 a.m. I started in our cove and after about 30 minutes with out a bite, I left for the Lighthouse. Going to the bank I always fish and throwing a plastic 3.5-inch swimbait on a Blakemore Road Runner head, the bass were there and I caught several.

Before I left the Lighthouse, I fished the corner of the gas dock with a Cotton Cordell 3/4 oz Jigging Spoon and caught a four-pound fish that was colder than an ice cream bar. Several years later Rick White and I were fishing in an old Texoma Bass Club tournament, pulled up on this spot and filled a limit of big bass just one after the other on Cotton Cordell Jigging Heads.

I went to Grandpappy Marina and started fishing. The bass were there and I caught some on a Kalin Grub on a Blakemore Road Runner. It’s probably my favorite baits for cold-water fishing. If there is brush, rocks or other structure in the water, I might throw a Black & Blue Jig with a Black and Blue Pork trailer. Now this was a long time ago and the graphs we were using weren’t like they are now. These new ones are so good you can see the whole fish on them and quickly move on if you don’t see them. It’s almost cheating but time marches on.

I can remember these old things and where and how and what I caught them on that day. They were on a clay bank that dropped into deep water. Still in Grandpappy I went to another spot and caught several more off breakwater of rocks in deep water on the Jig. I went back to our cove and I guess the bass moved in or got hungry because I caught two more.

I fished about six hours best I remember I caught a total of around 12 or 13 fish with that big one out of the lighthouse.

I’m hoping Susan can release me to get in a current trip next week. Crappie fishing is still slow with not anyone reporting finding them in numbers but it won’t be long till the Fish Market gets open.

Don’t let these pretty days we have been having keep you off the water. This is the start of the time of year you just might catch that fish you have dreamed of. Now is the time to think about catfishing. Fishing off points throwing into deep water, or going to Hagerman and fishing the flats have both had big cats being caught in past years.

The Spring Tournament Trail of JC Outdoors kicked off Sunday morning on Texoma and 23 boats showed up to fish. The teams caught 53 fish with only six zeros.

In first place, Jeff Reynolds and Randall Bruce blew away the field with five fish at 21.35 pounds with a 5.98-pound big bass. Second was Doug Schaekel and John Scott with five fish at 16.68 pounds, third was Scott and Hayden Burkett with five fish totaling 16.07 pounds, fourth was Chris Digoro and Graden Hanson with five fish at 14.95 pounds and fifth was Keith Lyon and Frank Hanna with four fish at 11.47 pounds.