J.B. Webb — Confused again on who's right about lake temps

Herald Democrat

Well, you have heard me mention this time after time. The lake temperature is sometimes given by our weatherman on TV. Last week after all that ice and cold, one of his evening forecasts said the lake temperature was 58. I was out Tuesday and my electronics said 44-47 degrees.

I talked to another boat that had the same reading I did. Now this was surface temp. But no one has yet replied to my questions of where the temperature they give is taken and who it is taken by. Just saying.

Tuesday, I got up Ginger and I toured the hood to make sure it was okay. She should have been a police dog; she sniffs everything. She really gives our boat ramp a going over.

The weather forecast was for high winds later in the day but Tuesday morning the lake was like a mirror. After a quick ride back home to make Ginger's breakfast and making sure Susan was taken care of, I hooked up the boat and hit the water. Once out of our cove I had a smooth ride while sipping coffee out of my Yeti. Those things make a cold morning much more bearable.

It wasn’t that cold but I like my morning coffee. Arriving at my first spot with 30 minutes or so chunking and winding with no hits, I moved over to another spot. Same story.

I made another longer run than I wanted; I should have saved the gas. Evidently the bass hadn’t gotten back from skiing yet. I decided to hit one other spot that seems to only have fish about 10 a.m. I tied up and started casting, almost ready to give up there when I got a bite.

I wasn’t sure it was a bite it was so light but I set the hook and got a three-pound smallmouth in the boat. The fish jumped three times and that made my day. I fished for a while and got a nice Kentucky or spotted bass almost in the boat. I reached down to lip it and it kissed me goodbye after I touched it. I think it went back home for a coat.

When I moved out of that spot, another bass boat came in and started fishing where I had been. My two fish came on a 3/8 oz. Blakemore Road Runner Jig with a YUM Pulse trailer out of 20-plus feet of deep water. I was idling back out and the boat that had moved in was fighting a fish.

I stopped and watched as he put a nice, fat spotted bass in his boat. It came on something I don’t throw this time of year but I might rethink the way I’m fishing. He caught it on an Umbrella Rig. I was headed home so I didn’t fish but I carry a rod with a YUMbrella Rig on it in my rod locker year round.

I’m semi-babysitting for a while so I’m not going to be fishing as Susan had small outpatient surgery and has one wing for a short time. Several years ago while I was taking care of her broken ankle — and while I was carefully changing her injury dressing — the elastic wrap, carpet, ceiling fan and me got together for a conference.

There was a scream to let me know I was on the verge of being fired from the nursing business. Some of our friends have heard this whole story.

The lake is dropping with the generating that’s going on. I’ve begun to try a little crappie fishing and still haven’t caught one yet. I’m getting the same story second-hand about crappie out west being hard to come by. On the positive side I haven’t seen any signs of a big shad die-off anywhere in Little Mineral so maybe we dodged a bullet.

Tournament time is starting with JC Outdoors having their first tournament this Sunday out of Catfish Bay. Next month will see the first Future Bass Tournament out of Alberta Creek.

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Stay warm and lets hope there aren’t any more weather events coming like we just went through.