J.B. Webb — One of those days where it's fishing, not catching

Herald Democrat

Well Charlie called after he saw last week's article in the paper. He said he never got a call from me. I called him six times and everyone went to voicemail. He said he never heard a ring or got them.

Well after we talked Monday night and decided to go fishing, when I got to the boat ramp Tuesday and was putting my stuff in his boat he said he found all my voicemails but he said he never heard my calls. Ain’t this new world highway great?

You all know from my last article about his knife-eating boat? Well, he drilled a hole in it — not all the way through — to rescue my knife. He didn’t think it was where he drilled so I told him not to drill anymore and the knife is gone. With our luck the boat would probably sink.

Tuesday morning it was nippy. We were in Charlie's boat as Tombstone was waiting on a part. Charlie was talking about how cold his hands were after our run to our first stop; good old Webb who had on his fishing gloves and was toasty warm took pity on him, not only loaned him my driving gloves but also gave him two hand warmers to put in them.

Our first stop, generally our best fishing place, was dead and we left it for Spot 27. There Charlie got a bite but missed the fish. That was the only bite at that stop and we fished it hard. Off to my number 3 spot. We fished it for a while with nothing to show for our effort. Well almost nothing.

I told Charlie to watch out on his backcasts because a rope that was holding a big boat was behind us and up a little. He drew back to cast and I heard him talking — his reel was twice as big as it was as the mother of all backlashes had his line everywhere. That rod was retired.

Shortly after, I got a hit and hooked up with a big something. I think it might have been a catfish as it didn’t act or feel like a bass or striper. It just kept going slowly. Not much later I got a tick, set the hook and put a Chunky Kentucky in the boat. Coming out of deep water he was white. In probably 20 minutes I hooked up with five more bass had them coming my way and lost all five before I could get them in the boat.

I was using a 3/8 oz. Blakemore Road Runner with a 3.5 inch YUM Pulse Swimbait, I dyed the tail chartreuse, shot it with YUM Shad fish attractant and all of our fish came on that bait.

As suddenly as it started it ended. We fished a while longer with no results then moved on to our fourth stop. It was a no-show so we quit about noon. It was a beautiful day to be on the water and after the sun came out it wasn’t that cold.

When I got home, Susan said my part was at the post office. After I installed it, Tombstone is alive again.

The results for the Little Dixie Bass Club January Tournament on Texoma: 33 people fished with 45 fish going to the scales. Winning was Joe and Alex Johnson with five fish at 14.11 pounds, second was Brad Tolbert and Charlie Keene with five at 12.99 pounds, third was Michal Stout and Mark Bisson had five fish totaling 12.50 pounds, fourth was Brad Harper and Mark Ross and fifth was Hayden Burkett and Dustin Wilkey with five at 11.13 pounds. Big bass was a 6-24-pounder caught by Billy Stephens.