J.B. Webb — 2021 starts with lake changes coming

Herald Democrat

To my readers on why I did not have a story last week. Due to Christmas and New Year's the paper moved some around some things and I did not have to write an article until the 8th of January. I squeezed in one, then took a break and I am back for the ride again.

The New Year weather has been outstanding. Every morning the lake has been almost calm up until about 10 a.m., then the wind kicks in.

One change is the birds seem to have moved out. They are working almost out to the mouth of Little Mineral, which is a lot heavier than deeper in the cove. Bait seems to be moving out to deeper, warmer water. I’m getting temp surface readings of 48-51 degrees.

The weather guesser said lake temperature was 64 Wednesday morning. Still do not know where or how deep or who they get the information from. I have a guide friend who works out of Highport and he says if you want bait or to fish where bait is, early mornings the Shad are in Highport.

They cost more over on that side of the lake than they do on the Little Mineral side. There is a $10 launching fee at Highport. On our side far as I know it’s still $5. That might go up at our ramp after a meeting later this month.

Hope you all got what you were wanting fishing-wise for Christmas and can get out to use it. Crappie seem to be moving into deeper water and holding tight to brush. Some of my Crappie Condos have some crappie in them. I will wade through a lot of little crappie before I get a decent one.

Since I fish the Blakemore Road Runner in brush a lot the one with a weed guard, they came out with a year or so ago is made for this. I can fish it in the brush straight up and down and get it to come out most times with a fish or the lure comes back. Just be gentle fishing in or around any baited spot. Don’t jerk when you feel it bump something. Gently lift your rod and you can feel the difference between a fish and a limb most of the time.

I just got some Blakemore Road Runners I had been wanting them to make in 3/8 oz. size. They get to the bottom in deep water faster and can handle a little larger plastic bodied bait. The first fish I caught on one was a dang striper. Oh well it was a lot of fun on the light line.

For what it’s worth my bass are moving deeper, the ones I caught Monday and Tuesday were cold and almost white. That generally only happens when they go deep where the sun does not make it or when the water is muddy. As the water gets colder, I would start looking for bass in 15-30 feet of water. They seem to generally suspend on or close to something.

Now this is just me: I see lots of boats fishing in and around boathouses and points that fall into deeper water and even some who continue to go to the backs of coves and creeks. The things I write about are how I fish year-round. Everyone has their own way of fishing and what lures they use. Trying to outsmart a fish with a pea-size brain with something they like is what keeps the lure companies in business.

Where’s Charlie? I have not been able to get him on his phone for almost two weeks. I do not know if the virus got him locked up or what. Last time we fished together I asked him when he got time to  find a big tree limb and pick up the nose of his boat as high as he could and shake it, so everything slides to the back. It has my knife down in it somewhere and I would like it back.

He also seems to have lost one to the knife-eating boat. I have fished three times since the New Year started and caught fish every time but once but now it looks like I will not be going fishing till the weather suits me.

The Durant Little Dixie Bass Club results from their December Tournament: 32 members fished, 52 bass were caught and weighed 121 pounds.

First place was David McCutcheon with fish at 19.01 pounds with big bass a 4.78-pound chunk; second was Larry Wills and Jack Mills with 13.25 pounds; third was Joe and Alex Johnson at 12.63 pounds; fourth was Jerry Tonubbee and Lee Hamil with 11.90 pounds and fifth was Mark Bisson and Michael Stout at 9.89 pounds.