J.B. Webb — It's time to go fishing

Herald Democrat

Anyone know where they take the Lake Texoma temperature? The weather guessers on TV say it’s 64 degrees but I’m getting 55-59 on the back of the boat from my new Garmin Graph.

This last bunch of cold might have knocked the surface temp down where I’m getting my reading and it might be warmer deeper but they never say how deep.. It’s still a long way for the temperature to get in to the low 40s and high 30s.

That’s my preferred water temp to winter fish. The cold water bunches the bass up and likely the shad are nearby where it’s warmer. If you do fish the cold and catch a three-pound bass you can just about write it down — every bass you catch in the same place will be close to or the same size.

I don’t know why but bass of different sizes get together with other bass the same size. Another reason I like to fish cold weather is the bass return to their winter spots. My notes I keep show it.

Monday I was on the water a little late. The water is still too warm to bunch the fish but there are still a few early arrivals. I pretty much make the same milk run every year. Somewhere in one of those stops, I generally find bass. The majority of my winter fish are smallmouth and Kentuckys. They seem to be more active in the cold water than native largemouth.

From now to the water really gets cold you can find shad just under the surface or swimming around addled. Find these spots and you will catch bass under them. A quality Jerk Bait like a Cotton Cordell Red Fin or a Smithwick Rouge Suspending Minnow are good choices.

If there are swirls around the surface, try tossing a YUM Breaking Shad and letting it fall a little before you go to working it. Stay alert — sometimes a big striper or two are mixed in and they will take a lightly-held rod out of your hands before you can react. I’m fishing 2-4 days a week now.

Most people who have fished with me in winter know there is one other lure I love to fish. I’ve written about the Blakemore Road Runner being a great anytime bait but it excels in spring and winter. Now they have come out with a 3/8 oz. Jig Head.

I like it a lot because it takes away me having to put a Bullet weight on the front of the 1/4 oz. Jig head to get it down faster. The new Blakemore Road Runners in 3/8 size are Casey’s Classic Runner, they are a heavier version of the original Under-Spin lure that has been a stand by for crappie and sandbass and in my case as a winter black bass lure.

It also has a bigger blade. Casey Ashley, the Bassmaster Classic winner in 2015, got the lure named after him. 2015 saw another new Blakemore Jig designed for Bassmasters Classic winner. Randy Howell got with Blakemore and they made him a special lure to fish in rivers and running water. It’s called Randy’s Swim'n Runner.

Christmas is coming. Almost any fishing Dad or Mom will always be happy to get a new lure in their stockings. The lures mentioned above are just a few of the lures Pradco and Blakemore make. On those days you are huddled up to stay warm, go to TTI-Blakemore Fishing Group and look at their Baits. You should also visit Pradco Fishing and Outdoors to see a slew of new lures and camping and other things.

Monday saw me on the water. It was early and a mite chilly but it quickly turned into a beautiful sunny day. I got two quick fish at my first stop. At my second I got three more, including a 5.50-pounder according to my scale. I took a selfie of the fish as my arm wasn’t long enough for us both to get in the picture. I was home by 11 a.m.

Tuesday I was planning on going again and Susan busted that idea as she said I had a doctor's appointment. Wednesday I was on the lake again. I was the only boat out that I could see. For some reason, could have been the weather, no one wanted to go fishing with me. I launched and ran to spot No. 1.

I got there a little late as it’s an early morning bite. I still caught one but that was it. Moving to Hole 27 after about 30 minutes tied up to a boathouse, I finally got a tic and had another nice smallie on. Getting it in the boat I released it. That was it for that spot.

I left for my last stop and caught two more but after fishing for a while I left, loaded up and put Tombstone in the garage. After dinner I moved about half a rick of wood to the house and put it under a dry place.

I’m through predicting football games until next year. I was wrong only two times. As you readers know I predicted Gunter would beat Canadian by 3, well there was a 3, in fact 2 0f them, side by side as we lost 33-6. This Canadian team has 17 seniors and they were big and good.