J.B. Webb — Fishing on a bluebird day was good to us

Herald Democrat

Normally I don’t like fishing a bluebird day. If you do fish a day like that, get there early. Monday was a good day for Ricky Toth and me. After launching we started in the back of our cove. Most outdoor people around here know Rick. He fishes in some different ways from me and I almost always pick up something new. He has an active mind.

We just stayed in Little Mineral and fished from our cove to Little Mineral Marina. We caught fish but not many. I then decided to run to the back of Little Mineral. We started at the fisheries station and fished out. We didn’t pick up a fish.

We saw some gulls working the shelf ahead of us. Running to them, we got into some stripers and sandbass on the flat coming out of the back of the creek. I was catching mine on a YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. Rig. Rick was catching his on a Swimbait.

The fishing slowed so we went in. Before we loaded, I went to the back of our cove and Rick caught a big Kentucky bass on a Pig and Jig. It wasn’t a fluke as he caught two more solid bass — one on a big Swimbait and the other on a Finesse Fish. It was a fun day and we were home by 11 a.m.

Another friend of mine you have read about, Charlie Hill, called me last week and mentioned we should go fishing. I agreed and Wednesday at 8 a.m. we were on the water. No locked trucks or other mishaps.

There was frost on the walkway going to our courtesy dock and it had enough frost to make it slippery but he was careful and only slipped once a little. We started in our cove where Rick and I had caught fish Monday with not a bite. I left and made a long run to another of my fishing holes for this time of year. I idled in and marked bait everywhere.

Going to where I wanted to fish, I turned the boat sideways and he and I started fishing. My first cast I had a chunky bass chase my lure to the boat; I never moved the boat except to keep us sideways and we caught bass after bass. When the bite finally stopped, we had caught 10 or 11 bass and a couple more Charlie wouldn’t let me count because I didn’t touch them.

I had a big striper to top it off. The bait of choice Wednesday was a Blakemore Bozka Saltwater jig head under Spin lure and yes, they work very well in fresh water with a YUM 3.5 Inch Pulse swim Bait trailer. Charlie couldn’t believe how they ate it up. We would let it get to the bottom and then start a slow retrieve. We were fishing a shallow drop and almost every time it got to the edge, we got a fish.

Well, I got my fishing version of 12 days of Christmas finished. It’s not bad for my first publication.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me one Drum drumming and a lure in a tree. Second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two bass a leaping and a lure in a tree. Third day of Christmas my true love gave to me three sandbass a flopping and the lure still in a tree.

Fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me four strippers stripping oops, I mean stripers splashing and the lure still in the tree. Fifth day of Christmas my love gave to me an empty tackle box and a lure in a tree. Sixth day of Christmas my love gave to me a new reel and that lure was still in the tree.

Seventh day of Christmas my love gave to me a $70 Gift Card to Bass Pro and the lure was still in the tree. Eighth day of Christmas my love gave to me eight Booyah Spinnerbaits and a lure in the tree. Ninth day of Christmas my love gave to me nine Crank baits (3 Bombers, 3 Normans, 3 Bandits) for the tackle box and a lure in a tree.

Tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a G Loomis Rod a spool of line and the lure in a tree. Eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me a video of how to fish and not to get a lure in a tree. Twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me a picture of a new Ranger Boat and finally that dang lure that had been in the tree.

Little Dixie Bass Club December Tournament had 14 boats fish with 45 fish caught. Winning was David McCrutchion with 19.06 pounds and big bass a 4.78-pounder, second was Jack Mills and Larry Wills at 13.25pounds, third was Joe Johnson and Alex Johnson with 12.63 pounds, fourth was Jerry Tonabbee and Lee Hammill at 11.90 pounds and fifth was Mark Bisson and Mike Stout with 9.89 pounds.

Well having only predicted one game wrong this year the fearless forecaster is worried about this one. This will make the fifth time Canadian and Gunter have faced off in the semifinal round. Cat fur will be in the air. I’m predicting Gunter wins by 3. But don’t hold me to it. This should be a game to see. Only problem is it starts at 4 p.m. and is in Abilene.