J.B. Webb — Composing a 12 Days of Christmas Fishing Song

Herald Democrat

I want to apologize for not having an article last week. The Thanksgiving schedule for the newspaper didn't work out to make that happen. I went fishing for two days straight and sticking with my morning hour of fishing, it was still light out catching fish. Last week my morning trip Friday was good.

I had to quit early and get ready as the football game started at 2 p.m. I had to drive to Boyd by myself as some of our crew were on the sick list. I had never been to Boyd but I have now. I would have made another correct pick as our Tigers enjoyed a meal of wild horse.

Living on Lake Texoma just 10 minutes from garage to boat ramp and boat in the water if I remember to unhook the winch strap, tempts me a lot.

Unlike my younger days when I would drive miles to go fishing and having to fish, now if things aren’t right or change, I can just cart down and go fishing in the market out of the wind, rain or cold. Don’t have to worry about pulling a boat.

Lately I have been on a fishing roll. The last three days have been red hot for fishing. All the guides are limiting. Monday in an hour I had 24 fish. Most were really big sandbass, however I caught four big stripers and two five-pound bass. One big bass came on a homemade Swimbait I make with a YUM Pulse creature bait for a body.

The other five-pound bass came on an Excalibur suspending Jerk Bait. There was a crew working on a boathouse and I was fairly close and talking when I caught the second big bass. They also saw me dragging in the sand bass and one of the four big stripers.

Tuesday, I went down same time and in a little over an hour I had caught 22 more. All but a big striper were sandbass. I’m here to tell you the sandbass are big and pull like little tractors. Wednesday morning it was tough — one big drum and one Kentucky bass came on the Excalibur Jerkbait. I caught seven more sand bass on my swimbait.

Wednesday morning the birds weren’t working like on the two previous days and I was a little spoiled. It started to sprinkle so I loaded up and left, after putting up my boat I went in the house and the coffee was still hot. I fixed myself sausage and hot cakes. Now that’s what a morning around my place looks like for me.

With the rain supposed to be moving out I just might go spend another hour fishing Thursday morning. Can’t fish long, have to get ready to go to Arlington after dinner to watch the Tigers in the old Ranger Ballpark in another Dog Fight.

Wednesday was slow fishing and I got to thinking about making up a song for the 12 Days of Christmas fishing style. I’ve got it started on the fish I caught. I’m dangerous when I get to thinking. It is not finished but I have the first four days. It goes one Drum drumming, two bass a leaping, three Sandbass a flopping, four stripers splashing and a lure in a wet tree. The tree was under the water, just got eight more days to go.

Get out this week if you can find the birds and you will find the fish.