J.B. Webb — How boats are named; Fishing with Frick & Frack

Herald Democrat

If you have ever been on a lake or ocean almost every boat you see has a name. Some are funny but most names have something to do with the water, family or wind. Well my boat has got a name now. I named her Tombstone after the TV show "Tombstone Territory."

Why, you may ask? Well, Tombstone was the town too tough to die. Tuesday, I went fishing and to put out some crappie hotels. Everything was going well. I got to my first stop; went to kill the motor and it wouldn’t die. I wiggled the key and did some other things and it still wouldn’t die. Pulled the kill switch but the boat never missed a lick.

I put out my brush. By leaving the gear in neutral with the motor running, I could use my trolling motor to place the boat. Saw some gulls working and ran to them. Had to put the motor in neutral. Tried killing it some more times but it wouldn’t die. Couldn’t fish with any control as the waves and wind overrode my trolling motor.

Went back to our cove and was going to load when it hit me. I could get it on the trailer but couldn’t pull it out of the water as it wouldn’t stop running. Now I could have taken a battery cable off and it would likely die.

I didn’t want to do that. Then it dawned on me: Choke it to death. It worked. Now it would still start like it was supposed to; it just didn’t want to die. I finally got it on the trailer and choked it to death one last time or so I thought.

Off to Garry’s Boat Hospital and told him what was going on. He had me pull in alongside his drive. We didn’t hook up the water hose. He did some checking and then he said to start it. Tombstone fired right off. He said kill it. I yelled it won’t die. He hollered to pull the kill switch. I was swinging it around my head to show it didn’t work.

I started choking it. He was pulling plug wires and we finally got Tombstone dead quick enough it didn’t hurt the impeller as it still had lake water in it and the cylinders didn’t get hot either.

I left it in his hands. After he found out it wasn’t a power pac, it would start and run like a top and still wouldn’t die in his shop. He said it might be the switch. It wasn’t. It’s still in his shop while he figures it out.

News flash just in Thursday: boat problem solved. Rat had chewed some wires up. Note to all out there who keep their boat inside or outside — put some rat poison inside it every time you come in. I generally do but let my guard down. I had poison blocks around my garage but not in the boat this time. Won’t happen again, still don’t know how much damage the critter has done but Garry got it starting and stopping.

Wednesday I needed to go fishing. I called Charlie Hill; he is the Frick and I’m Frack. When we get together things just happen. He brought his boat to the ramp. I backed him in. Pulled up to the wall, got out and locked it but left the keys inside. As I was walking down the hill to his boat, I could see the lights were still on.

Now all cars have an auto light turn off. Charlie's truck is 31 years old. We went fishing. I caught the first two-plus pound bass on a Bomber Square Bill crank bait. I caught another small one at our next stop on it. I was up 2-0 when another solid bass hit my Excalibur Jerk bait.

Finally working down a sandy stretch of shoreline Charlie got the biggest bass of the day on a wacky worm. It was 11 a.m. by then and headed back as the wind picked up. We got splashed some as we headed in. While the fish numbers weren’t what we would have liked it had been a good day up until we got back.

I walked to his truck and saw the keys inside but the lights had turned off. Charlie is smarter than he sometime looks and had a spare key hidden. I got in the truck and yep, the battery was dead. Then he said he didn’t have any jumper cables and mine were in my boat. I had a friend close to the ramp and went to get his.

The jumper cables and Charlie's battery posts didn’t connect very well. We finally got his truck started, got his boat loaded and called it a day. Despite all our problems we had a fun day laughing at each other; good friends can do that and not get thrown out of the boat. A morning on the water with friends is about the best thing I can think of.

Well Gunter football is going to have to turn it up as the Gunter volleyball team made the state semifinals. The Gunter Band got a first in competition and is moving on up to the next level. After a meal of Bulldog and Rice, Gunter gets to slap fur and share sand with another Cat, this time from Henrietta. This fearless forecaster predicts a Gunter win by 20-plus.