J.B. Webb — Hard trio to beat: stripers, gulls, plastic

Herald Democrat

Charlie still has fish fever; he caught it from me. Ans like me, he has started to come down off Bass Mountain. The last couple of trips we have actually chased stripers a little.

Last week Charlie wanted to go fishing but he and I both had things to do. My week was full of clearing out the jungle a.k.a Susan’s flower beds; she had cut most of them out but being the good guy I am, I finished for her and picked up all of them and carried them to the burn barrel.

I made it through the week okay as the crappie have started moving into the Fish Market. I can go down there, take a 1/8 oz. Blakemore Slab Road Runner — one they came out with last year. Keep changing the plastic bodies until you find one that works, add a Crappie Nibble and just move around dropping them in deep water 10-18 feet.

The crappie are holding tight to brush, that’s where the Blakemore Slab Road Runner with the weed guard shines. While not a 100 percent guarantee you won’t hang it up, it sure is a lot less likely to grab a branch.

This week on Monday Charlie and I talked and decided to go fishing on Wednesday because of the wind Tuesday. I had to go to the Fish Market Tuesday by myself. After catching six keepers and a lot of little ones in just about an hour, I went back to the house. With the above jungle cleared, I cleaned out my gutters and put a couple more leaf guards on.

Every year I also get ready for winter by cleaning my chimney and I got that chore out of the way. Safety tip: if you haven’t please clean or have your chimney cleaned if you have one. In my 30 years with the Sherman Fire Dept. I can’t count how many chimney fires I responded to.

I use a steel 8-inch Brush on a 20-foot Rod. I don’t know why but Susan gets concerned when I’m standing on the roof running the pipe cleaner up and down while trying not to slide off the roof. I moved a cord of last year’s seasoned wood into the covered racks getting ready for this winter. Fishing all day would have been a lot more fun.

Now as you know if you went outside early Wednesday it was nippy. On the lake it could almost be called cold, especially if you were running in a boat. Charlie and I were on the water at 7 a.m. We could see the gulls already working but we were bass fishing.

Running to the back of little Mineral we started fishing rocky points. Sitting in the back seat I just had to fish. It’s nice now and then not having to run a boat. Charlie got on the scoreboard first with a striper on his Norman Lil N. I caught two bass in a row on a Rebel old School Suspending Ghost. They have a new version of this bait now that is barbless. You can check it out on line at Lurenet.com along with a lot of other new lures that have come out.

As we continued to point hop, I caught another. Fishing was slow, then temptation showed up as a flock of gulls begin feeding not far from us out in the lake. I just happened to have a Rod with a YUM Plus Swim bait tied on. We quickly put down the bass rods and headed for the feeding birds. It was game on as stripers were grabbing it on about every cast.

Charlie was catching them too on his Norman but not as often as me. This went on for a while and when the birds moved so did we. At Eisenhower Marina we fished some places I hadn’t been to in a long while. I caught a nice bass off the breakwater on a Chartreuse nameless tube. I didn’t have any YUM Tubes with me as I was in Charlies’ boat. I lost one more bass on a cable running off the breakwater. By then we were ready to call it a day. Beautiful day, gorgeous shoreline with tree colors and the lake almost to ourselves we went in. Fall fishing is good now; if all else fails look for working birds.

The recent Lake Fork Texas Fest Bass Tournament was won by Patrick Walters with a three-day total of 104.12 pounds. That almost doubled the weight of second place. Closer to home, Little Dixie Bass Club fished Lake Murray. Sixteen boats found a tough nut to crack as only one four-digit weight was turned in. First place was Jon Clouse and Ed Larkin with five fish at 13.15 pounds and Big Bass a 5.93-pounder; second was Francis McWilliams and Chris Durey at 7.77 pounds; third was Rodney Buchanan and Jonathan Buckhorn with 6.74 pounds; fourth was Duward Cook and Jerry Brown at 6.52 pounds and fifth was Peyton Stephens at 5.92 pounds.

The high school playoffs have started. The Gunter Tigers will get to try a Bulldog served with Rice High School on the side. As cats and dogs aren’t the best of friends, Gunter goes on to the second round as they beat the Dogs by 30, the fearless forecaster who has only missed once says.