J.B. Webb — It’s going to be a beautiful fall

Herald Democrat

The trees around the lake are putting on their best leaves. Driving around on land you can see them turning now but nothing like you can see around the lake from the water.

From what birds are here now it’s going to be a great season for bird watchers. Hagerman will be a place to watch as many migrating birds will stop in it. Around the lake now are gulls, eagles, pelicans, cranes, egrets, ducks and our year-round flocks of Canadian geese can be seen.

A boat ride on the lake now, along with catching fish, should give the camera bugs some great pics. Good as the scenery is now it will get better as this month passes. Now living on the lake, I get to see the early leaves changes as I go to our boat Ramp every morning.

I’m either launching my boat or walking our golden girl. Lately there has been a scattered fog on the water adding to the picture.

Fishing now for stripers and sand bass is awesome. They are still surfacing and I’m still catching fish on the Norman Little N I wrote about last week after Charlie smoked me with it.

When I find this surface action going on, I keep them honest by throwing my Cork and Streamer. I’m throwing my Norman Little N when they quit chasing shad on top of the water as it seems to run just at the right depth to get bit.

I’m also having very good luck on my YUMbrella Jr. Flash Mob A Rig. I’m hauling them in two at a time a lot. Tuesday, I went fishing and I didn’t have to go far before I got into a school of feeding fish.

I had caught 16 when Charlie Hill showed up. He said he had called me four times and I wouldn’t answer so he drove out to our ramp. I didn’t have my phone with me so I’m pleading innocent. Monday I had told him I was going fishing Tuesday and would stay close to pick him up. After picking him up I went back to where I was catching those fish I wrote about above and on our first cast both of us caught a fish.

I was catching them two at a time on my YUMbrella Rig. After he got in the boat, we stopped counting and just caught fish. Finally the fish left. We moved around trying different places without much luck. Then I went into a little cove. As we fished our way back, I caught a small Kentucky. Charlie and I both missed some hits. Looking toward the back of the cove we saw fish breaking. We turned sideways and went to catching fish.

Charlie was using the Norman Lil N and he was whacking them. I was throwing my YUMbrella Flash Mob Jr. and catching them. It’s hard to believe there can be that many striper and sand bass in a cove that small. When the fish left us, we were worn out, it was almost noon so we went in. I’m guessing we caught 30 or more fish and Charlie agreed.

I went fishing again Wednesday. They were back in the same place they were on Tuesday. I caught them on every cast and was watched by a couple painting their boathouse. For the first time since I started fishing the A Rig this year, I caught three fish at a time twice. I’ll be using it a lot until the water gets cold.

When it hits the low 50s and goes down through the rest of the winter, I will be throwing a Blakemore Road Runner. I’ll add a War Eagle Slab and Cordell Spoon to my arsenal. They both work, sometimes one better than the other; that’s the reason I carry both.

I’ll also fish a YUM Money Minnow or YUM Pulse on a 3/4 oz. jig head strolling. Just keeping it in touch with the bottom while using my trolling motor on one or two to move it along. Once the lake gets really cold and the fish go deep, Slabs, Blakemore Road Runners and Jigs with Plastics or Pork work better for me.

Right now, time on the water is as good as it gets. Just because it’s cold, don’t let it stop you give it a try.

With Buffalo meat in their teeth and full bellies, this week toothpicks for the Tigers were called for. Friday night finds Mutton on the menu. The S&S Rams come to the home jungle of the Gunter Tigers. It won’t go well for then as they will be sheared of their wool. Gunter wins by 30 or more and wins the district title undefeated.