J.B. Webb — Texoma fishes tough for Media Bass Championship

Herald Democrat

From my earlier articles, Texoma has been a hard nut to crack for Charlie and me. We catch a few almost every time we go out but the majority of them are small and dumb and so they bite.

The older, smarter big fish only come along now and then. There have been some days Charlie and I — both bass-only purists — have had to resort to those silver fish to get our lines pulled. After seeing what the Media Bass Championship anglers caught over a two-day tournament out of Highport, I think some of them will agree with me about Texoma being tough on anglers.

Why they didn’t do better fishing overall who knows; might be the dropping water was part of it. Could be the bass wouldn’t bite because they were full; we have shad everywhere and gulls feeding big time.

The Media Bass Championship was held on Texoma October last weekend. There were 66 two-man teams who qualified for it. After two days of fishing Texoma was stingy about giving up fish: 37 teams zeroed. There were only four big bass, all weighing less than six pounds each.

The winners were Scott Barnett and Shannon McClab with 10 fish weighing 34.59 pounds to earn $10,000. Only 17 teams had limits over 20 pounds and total there were 353 fish for the 122 anglers. Divide that up and the lake won.

Now bad as I hate to admit, everyone fishing for sand bass and stripers are killing them. It doesn’t seem to matter much about what you are throwing. Easiest way to catch one seems to be using live threadfin shad, that’s why you see the guides down at our cove early with cast nets.

The lights attract the shad. Then their clients show up, they go out and about five hours or sometimes less they are back filleting the day's catch. All of their customers are more than happy to tell you how good fishing was.

Now the handful of artificial bait-only guides are also slaying them and from looking at the pictures I would give them the upper hand on overall size. The three I know really well, John Blasingame of Adventure Texoma Outdoors, Jerry Dorsey of Cross Creek Guide Service and Doug Shaw, are catching them on top, down deep and in between on Creek Chub Pin Poppers, Slabs, Trolling and soft Plastic Swim baits.

I use War Eagle Slabs, and YUM Money Minnows, and Heddon Spitting Images most of the time if I have to fish for Silver Fish now. I usually stick with the 3.5-inch Swim bait but I have fished the five-inch Money Minnow Bait on 3/4 and 1 oz. or bigger lead head jigs depending on how deep I’m fishing.

With the weather we have been having, I’ve been going to the Fish Market lately after I get through following Ginger around to pick up her morning donation. If more people would do that, we might not be looking at our shoes or wrinkling up our nose. It’s a first-place fishing hole that I am lucky enough to be allowed to get in.

All of the sides roll up and in the summer a cool breeze comes in. For winter I need to talk to the owner and see about a heating system. The crappie are starting to show up; right now most are undersized to keep but now and then you get a keeper fish.

Now this Wednesday Ginger and I went in and I fished for a while. There is one spot where something big lives. I’ve had it on several times and it has won every round. Now I’m only using 6-10 pound line. I went to the spot dropped my Blakemore Road Runner with a plastic trailer in the water. I let it hit bottom, picked it up and though I was hung up in the brush.

I pulled hard and all at once my line started swimming off. I’m thinking it’s a big catfish or possibly a drum because a striper usually takes off like his tail is wet. This thing just moves off and puts another lure in his den on the wall. That was 10-pound line I was using and it could have been thread as far as whatever it is was concerned.

It’s fireplace weather now but come Friday Charlie and I are going out and give it the old college try.

After a two-week layoff and another win No. 2 Gunter might be a little rusty at the start of our next game. We are off to Lone Oak. Now I have heard that Tigers like buffalo meat and after four weeks of eating cat fur It don’t look good for the Buffs.

This fearless predictor of football, who by the way hasn’t been wrong this season yet in District games, says Gunter wins by as many points as it wants to. I’m not sure I’ll make this one as tickets are hard to get.

Looks like a pretty weekend for a change; get out and enjoy it.