J.B. Webb — Two things that start with an 'F'

Herald Democrat

Before getting into this story I want to apologize to my readers. Last week I was hacked and before I could get a story out our computer went south. If anyone gets anything from me wanting money or saying I need help, it’s poison. Delete it.

Odd headline isn’t it? The words I’m talking about are fishing and football. Both are to be found in the Texoma area now.

We will start with fishing. As I have written about the stripers are still red hot. Most of the guides are fishing out in mid-lake around the islands and up north. The lake can get angry and be rough on bass boats and small craft out in the open water where most striper fishing is taking place now.

That’s another reason to look at going with a guide; their boats can handle the big water. Bass boats can also get you around but they have their limits and you are going to get wet. After being a guide for black and smallmouth bass only for over 20 years I can tell you the guides earn every dollar.

Live shad still seems to be the bait of choice for stripers. Just about anything will catch them now. Heard that the gulls are back and if so, fishing is going to get a little easier for the average fishermen. Slabs like the War Eagle or other big Slabs come into their place now as well as swim baits.

Keep a Topwater handy as they will still hit on top. Once the gulls get here it’s a good time to go to throwing three inch and bigger swim baits under the gulls. Pradco Fishing has a Money Minnow and a Mud Minnow both work well I use them in the winter.

When it really gets cold water — in the low 40s to high 30s — I add a Blakemore Road Runner to my arsenal. Key to using it is you must fish it slow for winter fish. If you don’t have good binoculars in your boat now, get some.

With them you can cover a lot of water with less gas, use them to find the birds working and going to them is a lot better than burning gas looking for them.

Well Charlie and I got on the lake early Tuesday morning. The cool air and warm water made it it look just like smoke all over the lake. I headed toward the back of Little Mineral. We began hitting rock points and started with Topwaters: Charlie and his antique Heddon Chugger and me throwing a Heddon Spit N Image.

Charlie got first blood as he brought a small Kentucky to the boat; it still had milk on its face. According to his view he touched it and it counted. Not long after I got a decent swirl on my Image and set the hook. I got another little larger bass almost to the boat it got off and I couldn’t count it. We fished on.

If you are a fisherman and read any of the mags or go to chat rooms with pro anglers, they will tell you in the fall the shad and bass move into the backs of the creeks and that’s where to look for them. Well that might work wherever they are but Texoma's creek backs are mostly silted in. With the lake being drained to meet the new Winter Lake elevation levels. the backs of most of the creeks are too shallow to get a bass boat in.

I, and a lot more fishermen and boaters, would like to keep it at 617 feet; it worked for years. Back to fishing. We fished out the west bank and started up the east. He caught another and touched it. I was down two.

I got another on and it got off right at the boat. He wouldn’t let me count it. He lost another fish and I laughed because he couldn’t count it. All at once the top of the water exploded and far as we could see down the east bank, shad were being knocked out of the water. As we weren’t setting the world on fire catching black bass, we went sand bass and striper fishing.

Charlie had a Norman Lil N white with a Green back. It hit the water and he had a fish; I was bull-headed and picked up a rod with a swim bait. He caught another. I was getting bites but couldn’t catch them. He made sure I knew what the count was. I don’t know why that Norman Crankbait and Charlie were beating me like a drum. It was my boat and I was supposed to be a retired guide and know how to catch fish but he kept putting them in the boat.

I don’t know how many Charlie caught but at one time every cast came in with a fish. We moved out into the main lake. After trying several spots that had been good to us in the past with nothing to show, I’m blaming the low lake level for my poor performance. It was close to noon so we went in. Fun day and we did get our lines stretched. That’s what fishing is all about.

Now for football. Gunter is still undefeated in 8-3A (II), state-ranked No. 2 or 3 depending on which poll you look at and has recently skinned a Panther and a Tiger. This makes two Tigers and a Panther we have skinned in district and after a week off our next foes were to be another Tiger team. But Blue Ridge had to cancel because it is under the Corona alert and can’t play. Looks like I’m going to be missing football two weeks in a row.