Good Morning: A dream worth pursuing

Michael Hutchins
Herald Democrat
Michael Hutchins

In my work, I've covered my fair share of special and annual events. As you stay on a beat over time, it is hard not to "adopt" some of these events as you begin to cover them each year.

In the case of some of these events, one year can bleed into the next as the message hardly changes. However, in the case of some, that message rings true regardless of how many times I've heard it.

Next week, the nation will be celebrating and commemorating the accomplishments and efforts of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Each year, I have made it a point to attend and cover local events  honoring his life. The event at Austin College has become one that I enjoy covering each and every year.

Over the years, the college has brought in speakers from multiple walks of life to speak on how King's legacy affected their lives. For some professional athletes, King and other early civil rights icons opened the door for them to practice their sport on the highest level. For others his peaceful protests allowed them to achieve their own dreams all the while he spoke of the ones he had.

In the case of many of the events I have to cover, the message and meaning can become muddled over time. However, I've found with these events each person recalls King's importance and his impact on their lives in a different way. There is always a new voice and a new point of view that is just as valid as the last.

In the case of many of the students, the message centers on their ability to attend school, further their education and ultimately better themselves. For older generations, the struggle to get to where we are today is a common theme. We still aren't there yet, but progress has been made.

Perhaps the strongest emotion that I've felt in covering this event each year has been a feeling a hope.  The world around us can be a better place if we all come together, setting aside our differences, and make it just that. It isn't easy, it isn't fast, but it is a dream worth fighting for all the same.