Good Morning: Watching the light

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

For more than 20 years as a writer for the Herald Democrat, I longed for a window to look out as I worked. COVID actually delivered that wish when it sent us all home to work from our own spaces.

One of the most interesting things about working from home has been noticing the differences in the light that streams through that window. I have begun to understand the subtle difference between the rock hard stare of a summer sunny day and the weaker almost watery sunshine of winter.

These days, that change seems to come about daily rather than seasonally. One day I am trying to block out the glare of what appears to be a spring sunny day and the next day I am adding light fixtures because the gray skies of winter have returned.

The amount of light, however, doesn't seem to impact the temperature at my desk. Maybe that is because I am looking to the west so the sun never shines down into the room? 

If the constant changes to the weather are confusing to us, just imagine what it must be to the wild life I see out my window as I write. Mostly what I see are squirrels and I am not sure if they know what season it is at this point.

Generally, in the fall, I like to watch them skipping and running around gathering up food for the winter. Then I don't really notice them again until spring. This year, they are running through the trees as much in January as they were in October.

They chase each other through the trees and across roof tops and down utility wires as though they think spring is here already. Maybe that means it will be early?

One can only hope.