Good Morning: Is it an allergy or something worse?

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Are you sneezing your head nearly off and feeling like someone put a syrup tap in your nose? You might have Cedar Fever.

information on Texas A&M's website says the symptoms of Cedar Fever include, "fatigue, sore throat, runny nose, partial loss of smell and – believe it or not – some people actually run a slight fever. However, if your fever is higher than 101.5°F, then pollen likely isn’t the cause."

 I would like to add headache to that list.

My head pounds this time of the year and the only thing that cures it is allergy medication so strong that I end up in bed.

There are a number of things that Texas A&M and other websites suggest that we do to try to lesson our bodies reaction to the pollen including washing our bed linens more frequently and not crawling into our bed until we have showered that day's dose of the allergens off us and changed into clothes that have not been exposed to the pollen. 

They also suggest changing air filters in the cars and homes and generally staying inside when the pollen counts are the highest. 

This is the part of an article where I would like to offer some sort of silver lining but the only one I could find isn't that precious. The season usually runs December through March which means it leaves just in time for spring allergies to arrive. 

Till then if you see me sneezing out in public, I have been vaccinated and tested and am just fighting my yearly battle with the trees.