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Future Brown
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Future Brown

Well, it is a new year.

With each year, many people think of this time of year as being new, but truly, the planning for the new year starts well before the year starts. The same applies at the Herald Democrat.

Plans for 2022 stories have been months in the making, and our first series will be published this month.

A few of the most common themes this year will be mental health, growth and development and equity. While these themes can seem very generic, they each can have an impact in all industries and in each area of life. 

In 2021, we had stories that focused on these topics as it related to the workforce, business and local government. This year, we will present findings related jail and education systems as well as socioeconomic groups.

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You will find these things on top of the everyday stories and topics our readers and subscribers are used to seeing us report about on a daily basis. 

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