Good Morning: Why are all of the Christmas cards covered in snow ?

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

This past week, I saw some Christmas cards while at the store and I stood there wondering if I should just buy them and send them off rather than making my own. I made Halloween cards, and then life got in the way, and I didn't get them mailed.

I guess that means I am way ahead for next year?

But as I looked at the cards, I noticed that a great many of them showed some sort of snow scene. That is all fine and dandy for those who live up North, but what about those of us who almost never see a white Christmas?

I think the greeting card companies forget we exist. Here in this part of the country, we're just as likely to be wearing shorts and flip flops on Christmas Day as snow coats and boots, if not more likely.

Why must the majority of the idyllic scenes feature children building snowmen rather than children eating snow cones?

It is like they want us to feel weird because we aren't covered in snow at Christmas. But I for one don't. I will take a 70-degree Christmas Day over a freezing cold and snowy one every time!


For starters most of us don't know how to drive in the snow so it makes getting around to see friends and family harder. And many of us don't own the proper layers of clothing to stay warm during that kind of weather.

Sure it looks pretty on a card, but if last winter taught me anything it is that snowy scenes are much nicer in art than in real life..