Good Morning: Time for those non profit wish lists

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
wish list banner

It is time once again for the Herald Democrat's Wish List project. Each year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, the Herald Democrat reserves space to print wish lists for local non profits so area residents know who needs what in case they were interested in giving to those that spend the year giving to others.

In order to print those lists, we need the area non profits to submit them to us.

We realize that some organizations have wish lists on their social media pages, but we hope putting them in our paper helps them reach folks who wouldn't go to the websites looking for them.

Those lists, which should include everyday items needed as well as pie-in-the-sky items, should be emailed to news@heralddemocrat.com with "Wish List" in the subject Line. The email should also contain information about the founding of the non profit, some biographical information about the group, and a recent picture of the volunteers or projects the group does.

While we wait to get those lists in, the Herald Democrat can say that one of the most often listed needs of nonprofits in the area is volunteers. So readers with any time on their hands might want to pick one of the nonprofits we feature in the wish lists project and lend them a hand.