Good Morning: Saluting all the magic makers

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

I have already found one of my favorite commercials for the 2021 holiday season.

It features a woman standing on a ladder putting lights on what appears to be a barn. The voice over says something like "You're like her" referring to Santa's wife. It refers to the woman doing all of the work by herself as a holiday visionary because the "halls aren't going to deck themselves."

I have never bought anything from the particular company the commercial was for, and probably never will, but I salute them for acknowledging the true hero of the holidays ... women.

Sometimes, she is called mom or grandma or aunt, but she generally has about a million other things to do during the holidays. Still, she goes out of her way to see to the endless tasks that come with making a holiday magical.

Luckily, that task has gotten easier over the years because the magic is everywhere. Those who want to go old school can find dozens of time and money saving tips for a low-tech holiday (for any season) on Pinterest or other social media sites. Wise is the merry maker who uses those things for inspiration only and adapts the magic to her ability, budget and philosophy of when enough is a enough.

Those wishing to go all out have never lived in a better time for such magic making. I saw a tree for sale right here in town that can not only change its lighting scheme, but also height, with just the click of a button.

And the lights that woman was hanging have improved with technology to the point that they can do everything but hang themselves. Timers help turn them on and off at the same time each night and electronic brains inside the strings make one able to choose from dozens of lighting choices and patterns. There are even gadgets one can get to put in the yard and project snowflakes or other scenes on the house. 

Of course, the real magic involved here has nothing to do with the things that can be bought in the store or made at home. It is the magic of love that makes some of us want to go that extra little bit to see the smiles on the faces of the people we love. And I believe that magic traces all of the way back to a God who loved us all so much that he sent us a gift that can never be topped. 

So here's an early thanks to all of the people, women and men, who go out of their way during this time of the year to spread all of the varying forms of magic of the season. After all, if there is one thing this world could use right now, it is more good will toward mankind and loads more wonder.