Good Morning: Howling winds could be more trick than treat

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Happy almost Halloween. Mother Nature seems to have decided to get into the spirit with these wicked winds that have been howling through the last couple of days.

I was trying to sleep last night and I kept hearing them blowing my neighbor's gate back and forth. The more I listened, the more creepy sounds I heard. I know it was all the wind, but it got to be a bit unsettling.

I have enjoyed, though, sitting at my desk looking out the window and watching the leaves blow in the wind. And I have absolutely enjoyed getting to turn my air conditioner off. The first inclination was to open up all of the doors and windows and let the wind blow through the house to air it out.

Then, I remembered my allergies and quickly decided against that plan. Even with everything shut up, I have had a headache since the wind started to blow and if you see me out and about coughing, I assure you that I am not ill. I just am allergic to everything blowing on that wind. 

But still, it seems to have blown away the summer once and for all for the at least the next few months so that is a good thing. Friday morning dawned with a clear blue sky and the promise of a great night at Fright Fest in Sherman.

Looking forward to getting to see all of the little ones in their costumes has really kept me going the last couple of weeks of this month as the weather played all kinds of tricks on us.

Thankfully, this wind has been all on its own and didn't bring with it the torrential rain it blew into other parts of the country. As we all get ready to celebrate everything spooky, let's all hope that weather for the rest of the year remains anything but.