Good Morning: Is it a no bones day?

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

For as long as there have been people running around on earth, they have looked for ways to predict how the day will go.

Some have consulted the skies and others have read the leavings in a cup of tea or coffee. Now, some social media users are turning to a small dog to predict how the day will go.

This method of prediction involves watching social media posts about a 13-year-old pug named Noodles to see if the dog can stand up early in the morning. If the dog stands, it is a bones day and therefore a good day. If the dog simply melts back into its bed like a pile of slush, it is a no bones day, and people are advised to stay in bed to leave the outside world alone.

The dog is cute. Way more cute than a groundhog, and we all know how famous that little rodent is for forecasting the future.

However, I know that my dog is liable, on any given day, to show both signs of having a lot of energy and signs of being completely bed-ridden so I am not sure that this method of predicting the success of my day will work for me.

Most mornings, my schnauzer is the first one awake. She wakes when the neighbors go out to their cars to go to work. And, she wakes me up. I consider it a good day if that little process does not happen before 5:30 a.m. If she lets me sleep until 6 a.m., I am delighted and feel like it is going to be great day.

Though I don't think Noodles has any real power to predict the way people's days will go, I can't blame some people for looking to something to help them ease themselves into the daily grind. However, I think basing that on a fury friend close to home makes more sense.

Bella is a much better predictor about how my day will go since she is actually here with me helping me to face the morning and get may day off the ground. Either way she and I wish you all lots of days filled with the joy of the fall season and the will to get up each day and face the world with optimism and desire to keep on slugging away at the world.