Good Morning: Monsters on the mind

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

How can it be that we are now within spitting distance of Halloween? I blinked at 4th of July and here we were. I know it has been a bit of a slog in some ways because the summer doesn't seem to want to let go of this area.

For that reason, some of you might have spent the past weekend sweating through Saturday football or soccer games or trying to pumpkin hunt in the broiling sun powered 80 degree weather.

Others of you, more like me, might have spent the day indoors with the AC on high and the haunted movies going on television.

At least that is the way I tried to spend the day. I didn't get very far though. As I get older, I find that less and less of what is available on television or on streaming services appeals to me. I don't like to watch movies where there is a lot of gore and no plot. For that reason, pretty much every movie with a number in the title is out the window.

I loved "Scream" but not a big fan of any of the knock offs that came afterward. Same thing for "Halloween." And this year's attempt at a follow up to that franchise was so bad I have not been able to make it through it ever though I have tried twice.

I get it, it was a straight to cable version of a movie so what did I expect, but it had major talent in it. I think the problem is that the last few years have been so terrifying in real life ups and downs that getting scared by anything in the screen is much harder.

So in place of a real scare, the Hollywood executives are adding more gore. But I don't like gore. I want to be kept guessing about who the bad guy is and way they are doing the things that they are doing. I don't just want to see some person (generally a woman) get dismembered in some horrifyingly graphic way.

Why aren't men killed a million different ways in every scary movie? 

This week the weather is the real scary thing going on across the country with everything from heat waves to snow storms depending on the daily updates. So far, it is looking like locals will need at lease a hoodie for all of the fun stuff that starts on Friday night and continues until Halloween.

Monstrous weather patterns are supposed to stay out of the area for the week so let's hope that prediction holds true.