GOOD MORNING: Jean season has begun

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

It addition to it being pumpkin season, apple season and, if you listen to social media influencers, spooky season, or fall, is also jean season. 

Although many of us do wear jeans in the summer, many people switch to a lighter, cooler fabric and to shorts or skirts for the heat and humidity of summer. 

But come fall, jean wears mostly switch back to that old stand by. I remember always getting new jeans in the fall for the start of school when I was a teen. I worked all summer for the money to buy them. Still I didn't have very many pairs compared to some of my peers. For that reason, washing them and keeping them new looking was a constant concern. 

Of course, back then, I couldn't just jump on a computer and find out what experts said about the matter. I just had to listen attentively when people like Martha Stewart talked about clothes keeping on television or in her magazine. And even then there were a surprising number of different opinions about how often one should wash jeans. 

This week, Katie Curic's blog about washing jeans weighed in on the matter. It seems people still don't agree. However, I was glad to see that they had debunked the idea of putting them in the freezer. What all of it boils down to, really, is that it is a personal preference thing dependent upon how and where one is wearing the jeans. The more you wash them, the less they will look new. But looking new is not always the desire, so some people might like to wash them more often. 

I am old enough to remember jeans before they became such a big fashion trend. I remember back when you had to wash them so that they would shrink up a bit to fit your body just right. I am also old enough to remember when they went from costing about $20 a pair to hundreds of dollars a pair for designer labels. 

And the experts all seem to agree that no matter how much a person pays for jeans, they still will age the same way.