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One of the oldest establishments in early Grayson County was the newspaper. Evolved from what it was then, the Herald Democrat still serves the Texoma region by providing the people with information about goings on around the county.

From city council and commissioner's court meetings to school boards and planning and zoning, we have a face and presence in many of the public meetings. We have established relationships with individuals in local government.

On a daily basis, reporters and editors work to provide residents with needed information about things that can affect every day life. We also feature, celebrate and memorialize the many individuals that came the area unique.

While the staff has changed, technology has changed, and the world around us has changed, the overall goal of the newspaper has not changed.

Each day, we strive to provide accurate, interesting, valuable, hyperlocal information to our subscribers.

The staff would like to thank our loyal subscribers for sticking with us and supporting local journalism. In last few months, we began making certain content as "For Subscribers."  These stories — our exclusive reporting not available through other news sources — were labeled “For Subscribers” on HeraldDemocrat.com.

Those subscribers will experience no change on our sites as long as they are logged into their accounts. Subscribers will retain full access to the newspaper and E-Edition digital replica of each day's print edition.

Non-subscribers will not be able to read subscriber-only stories but will retain access to a limited number of stories each month before being prompted to subscribe. 

We encourage — and humbly ask — non-subscribers who read the Herald Democrat to help support local journalism by subscribing. Options include a digital-only subscription that provides access to all of our sites and digital products, five-day print subscriptions and Sunday-only print subscriptions.

All print subscriptions come with full digital access. 

Your support matters now more than ever before.

Former Austin American Statesman editor John Bridges described what it means to be a part of a local newspaper's family, "Gone are the days when newspapers could rely on classified and retail advertising and home-delivery subscriptions to cover the costs of news gathering. Today, we increasingly rely on direct digital subscriptions from people like you who use our websites and apps. Like any other streaming service or online subscription, we hope that you read our reporting often and find us worth the small monthly cost."