Good Morning: October's on its way

Jerrie Whiteley
Herald Democrat
Jerrie Whiteley / Herald Democrat

Hard though it is to believe, the month of September is more than half way gone. The youngins' are all back in school and some are even celebrating homecoming. For me that means my favorite month of the year is just around the corner.

October has always been my favorite it month. It is the month when Texas finally stops feeling like the fifth ring of you know where as the beastly sun finally pulls back a little and lets up on us. The leaves start to change a little and Halloween arrives.

That last part is my favorite. I wish I had been born in October instead of July, though July is a pretty good birthday month too with the fireworks and all. But October birthdays get bats and pumpkins and ghosts decorations and they get all of the new candy.

About the time that this crazy pandemic hit, my doctor told me I needed to cut back on the sugary stuff. Since I am sort of an "all or nothing" kinda gal when it comes to such stuff, I stopped all candy. Well, all candy that had real sugar. That means it has been that long since I have had a Snickers or a KitKat bar. And my beloved dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. 

Though I was the one in our newsroom who almost always had candy on her desk year around, it was mostly for other people except during the holidays and especially during October when I tried to keep my beloved blue bunny candy dish stocked with chocolate candies of various kinds. I will admit to eating as much of it as anyone else in the room during that month and possibly during December as well. 

Now here we are on the precipice of those celebratory months and I am not going to be able to sample the new flavors of M&Ms or any of the other seasonal candy. 

And, don't tell me to try to the versions made with sugar substitutes. I have tried them all. The taste is never the same and some of them do awful things to a person's stomach if consumed in too large a quantity, like more than one. 

So now the scariest part of spooky season for me is trying to get through it without my beloved dark chocolate peanut M&Ms or an iced cold Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper. So if you see me out and about looking gloomy, I am just low on sugar.